Clan blocking off everything in server

So do the devs police their servers? I mean how is it a clan with like 20 people (2 clans of 10 same clan) in it can block off every place in a official server? Official server #2734 they are blocking off all the oblisks to the north and the shatters springs, they are starting to block off one of them in the jungle near the lost city. They are blocking off the sinkhole, they are blocking off new asgarth, they are starting to block off the frost temple and the volcano, they have blocked off the summing place and it only a matter of time before they block off everything else. I know its easy to just pick up and go to another server, still its not right that one clan can take over an official server like that. Especially when you put in so much time on the one they are taking over. You fight back they wipe you and then you cannot get the stuff you need to continue fighting. Why is this allowed? Why is nothing done about it?

It’s been said many times.
Official Servers have no active admins and are not the best place to play

Better play on private servers. There are many very good outside and they normally have admins that check and control.

Just leave and start over. Or stay in your base
Login once a week. To sustain your things.

The only reason they are doing it is because it bothers people and they can.

Please report harassment and griefing issues on Official servers to the appropriate place listed here:

@Palm522 new members will not know what you are referring to :wink:
Exploit hunters is for exploits, not for these issues.

Is this a joke, a buddy troll, or are you just being rude?

He isn’t wrong…

It may his opinion about Officials not being the best place to play, but he’s right about admins. There are no active admins on Official so there are plenty of griefers and exploiters running unchecked. Funcom DOES NOT do enough banning, so it continues.

I know plenty of good private servers with good and active admins. I run one myself and our server is ranked in the top 400!

He’s right - there are NO admins on Officials.

He’s right - there are PLENTY of good private servers.

You just quoted yourself, not him. And look at the COUNTLESS threads where there is obvious hacking, griefing, blocking, and exploits and a blatant lack of response from Funcom.

I have seen VERY little evidence of players being banned an only a tiny handful of banned players trying to appeal a ban.

This is my opinion it is not harassment or exploiting and I’ve been on both alpha and solo end of the stick it all depends on server history the past experience on it, I love Conan and games like it, it is that servers all have a culture you happened to land in a dictator server you gotta work for a better position in server politics maybe merge with a respected clan or do some odd jobs for alphas thralls fragments brimstone build rapport and get above the lessers or ask for duels prove yourself in pvp there are many ways to work around this or just move severs not being mean just stating that maybe that servers culture isn’t for you and I get if they block spawns and don’t have a reception or proving grounds with a place to delegate players then that’s a issue :grin: Happy Surviving

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So this is where developers go to get stuff done?!? Lol cybertempest and his buddy cavsscout joined the server and claimed to be funcom developers! I am in the same server that you are talking about. In fact I’m in the alpha clan. And we police the server for any obelisk being blocked. And I can assure anyone that reads this, that there is NO OBELISKS BLOCKED. Most of Cybertempest claims are 100% false. They are just cries from a salty player that didn’t get his way in the server.

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eternal empire?

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No, they have not been harassing or anything to me, I just don’t understand why they feel the need to block off everything. I also don’t understand why the devs allow this . this is more my question then anything not that they have been harassing me or anything. This is why I did not list the name of the clan in question. Like I said in my original post fighting against clans of this size are hard for the small clan or solo player. When they close off everything so that you have no access to parts of the game. I understand the big bases and so on, however why block off new asgarth? Why block the obolisks? Why block of the summoning place and the sinkhole? These are things I question why the deves allow this and not monitor these things considering people are not supposed to block access to these parts of the game. I have been into official servers where you cannot get out of the start because there is a big black ice wall with no climb.

I agree, still that being said blocking off access to the main points of the game is an issue.

Blocking access from the desert spawn point to the rest of the map is one of the few things a player can do that will get them banned from official servers. The other is if they are foolish enough to block access to bosses that hold parts of the keystone you need to remove your bracelet and pass through the green wall.

But it’s on a player to provide INDISPUTABLE proof of it … so If you provide screenshot or video evidence to a community manager in a private message of the route from starting desert spawn point into the rest of the map being completely blocked off … that is no open door / gate; no gap in the wall; no elevators over it. Then they will investigate that server and usually if they find that entry into the map from desert spawn point is impossible then they ban all members of the clan responsible from all official servers.

But as to individual areas being blocked off; especially if not by one individual/clan - then no Funcom does not consider that to be preventing players from playing the game. But again it depends upon the players affected providing evidence to Funcom that many points are inaccessible and if really extreme then they might ban. But probably not on a PvP server as players can destroy the blocking structures.

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Who are you? I have never even talked to you and you are in here spouting that I have made clames to be an developer on a server? Who is Cavscout? I simply asked a question about why deves allow things to be blocked? I have screen shots of all my claims if they are requested by devs. I have talked to clans that have been wiped because they dare try to remove the blocks. I am not here to stir up trouble anyway I asked if the devs policed their own servers. I did not list the clan in questions name either. I have not met you, talked to you, or even had dealings with you on the game. So how does this make me salty?

This is Funcom response to your enquiry.
(I’m not a Funcom moderator or employee but this is their official statement on what you are asking about. )
If you think the blockages met Funcom’s criteria for extreme then PRIVATELY contact a community manager such as Ignasis with your proof. Posting into the open forum is not recommended as it violates the community guidelines regarding accusations and naming players.

Again I am not looking for a ban It just seems that that they would keep these areas clear so that people can get into them. Everyone is taking this in the way wrong direction like no they have not been harassing or anything like that. Just blocking off stuff that’s it nothing more, granted last time I went south some of the walls had disappeared. Still it would be nice to know what is considered blocking I guess. If new asgarth is not considered a main point then maybe its not blocking. Still why should I have to blow up a wall just to get in to farm at one of the best spots in the north?

Good to know that’s also why I did not list names of anyone one or the clans. Thanks for the info.

every private server I have played on the admin abuse powers, 3k + hours playing this game

good official? lol, dupes, exploits, undermessing, this is a garbage game, best to save your sanity and play something else

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Again I’ll make it crystal clear… there is no blockage of any areas besides our own bases. Walls are built around our bases for obvious reasons… ITS A PVP SERVER! All the places that you’ve named have a structure nearby, but if you’d look closer maybe you’ll see that there is not blockage. We even have an elevator leading down to dragonbone recipes and it’s open for all. I’m not sure what you’re complaint is but I can assure we are not the type to block obelisks or any important areas for that matter.

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Are you from the big clan? Great so much for my base … Thus why you never say anything … Oh well my case and point you say anything and they get ya. This is why things don’t get reported they come and try to make you look like your full of crap and then they blow you outta the water. If you were not doing these things there would be no reason to defend yourself on here. No one even knows what clan I was speaking of until now. Could have been anyone. Like I said I was never here to cause trouble I was simply asking a question.