The do you unlock Legends 2 and 3?

I just can’t find the Lores for these? Where are they?

If you want to find all lore easilly, you should use an addon.
LoreHound or Lassie’s Waypoints, or both.

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Thanks but the links given refer to TSW not SWL.

In this case the legends are in the same places.

Can’t see them unfortunately. Read somewhere on Reddit that these Lores difficult to find in SWL.

Speaking of these lores. I had no problem with #3 but this mob for #2 - does it spawn in Story Mode? I can confirm I did few runs on newer alt and this mob didn’t spawn.

I believe I got it in story mode. However, that was at launch.

Yep doesn’t spawn when I do story mode. Can’t recall seeing them at Elite Dungeon level either.

Wait that’s weird because I did it just now and it spawned with no problem. Could be more random spawn that I thought. Can need more than one run maybe?

They are All always available. #2 needs someone to run under the staircase, or fall through the bridge as sometimes happen, to trigger the zombie, so it crawls out of the ground.

The Lore is in exactly the same spot in SWL as in TSW. In fact MOST of the Lore is.


Ah, one of the problems with doing it in story mode if you are too high level is that the monster might not attack on sight. You might be able to tag it with an AOE effect?

It should always attack at E1, however.

Sometimes it’s hard to trigger the lore mob under the stairs, but keep moving around a little and he should pop up.

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