Returning after a long long long time away

I started playing again after many many years of being away.

Is it just me or are a lot of the gameplay a lot easier now? Back when I last played quest items weren’t exactly lighting up.
And I did my first story run in Polaris yesterday, that was a breeze compared to what it used to be. We killed the final boss with just two of us…

Still a lot of fun though.

It is… yes it’s a very different game play, the “lowest” form of Polaris only requires three at level players now by design. Not sure what was meant about quest items, there is an option in setting still to turn off outlines on interact-able items and to turn off missions markers on the map.

Yeah, what you played was The Secret World. It was relaunched last year as Secret World Legends, which is, overall, an easier game to play. Story and the investigations haven’t changed, though.

Welcome back! Yeah SWL is a bit strange at time, both the same game and not the same game as TSW.

I wrote up a rundown of what has changed since the relaunch, you can see it below:

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Thanks, yeah I am aware of the relaunch. Also know I could probably get back into original TSW if I so choose.

But all in all it’s going well so far lol.
Levelling as deeps this time round though, still Dragon hehehehe.
Pistol and Shotty, had me tanking most of the time in Polaris anyway.

I am rather curious about the South Africa bit, as that’s where I’m from originally. Should be interesting to see if there’s anything recognizable.

Actually, the lowest form of Polaris requires one player by misdesign, because it is quite possible to sustain tank at level. I’ve seen it done.

In story mode dungeons, tanking is fairly meaningless (except where it exposes SWL’s terrible class balance, cf. solo sustain tanking Polaris at level).

If you are looking to tank long-term, your third weapon should probably be a hammer, because pistol is not a tanking weapon end-game.

The South Africa zone is just an enclosed compound, so that might be a letdown for you.

Yet, not effective.
Instead of common hammer/chaos sustain tank build. A modified AR/Hammer or even blade/chaos dps build can sustain while kill bosses faster.
Aggro ability is no longer needed as you are the only one in dungeon.

It’s very unfortunately, they made tank have to use at least one of the shotgun/hammer/chaos while all other weapon can’t generate enough aggro from attack when tanking.

The story mode dungeons were made as a very soft introduction to dungeons. No waiting for 5 players of specific roles. Most dmg done by bosses were not designe to kill you. Some enviormental things will if you dont Pay attention. They wanted players to feel less intimidate by being New in dungeons, and the upper lvl cap, on pug groups, prevent random overgeared players from steamrolling it.

The normal mode from TSW fits around elite 1… Elite 5 you change to nightmare mechanics

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It also allows everyone to experience the story bits available only in dungeons, which is important in a story-driven game. I always felt the unforgiving nature of TSW’s dungeons discouraged participation by a large number of players, not to mention the hostility of some of the community if you weren’t overgeared. SWL’s story mode is much better.

So, you saw people lower than lv50 and already have yellow or red gears sustain tanking story dungeons in pug group?
It will be very amazing.
Where do they even get yellow or red gears to begin with? :rofl:

I was talking about what the aim was with story mode, so you kinda got that out of context. As for Elite i sadly agree and it annoys me to a point where i sometimes wanna see an upper cap on IP too. Sadly the drawbacks from that is not something i wanna see. All I can hope is that players will stop pugging when farming the last chest. Sadly dont see that happening.

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