The Rendering Issue Persists, With New Weirdness

While I was roaming the world leveling up a thrall, I was able to capture some photos.

This photo was obviously taken in the garden of Ape City. No, I do not remember the name of the city, and No, I do not care.

Things to note. When I took this photo, which I had to wait a second or two before it actually captured the scene, here is what I saw:
1 - The gorilla appeared only after the thrall had killed it. What I saw was the gorilla running into the wall as it still is.
2 - I was bald. My hair had not rendered in for some reason.
3 - Although we both are wearing most of our clothes, when I pressed the button, we were both naked. Still, a major clothing item is missing.

To recap, when the gorilla attacked, I watched it run by and into a wall, where I knew it was not. My hair and clothing disappeared. My thrall lost her clothes, but not her hair.

Here is a set of photos from Fleshtearer Falls. Yes, I am only wearing the bejeweled bottoms. Occasionally, I like to add some challenge to thrall leveling. Killing giant spiders in this attire is quite fun.

Anyway, I killed the entire village before it rendered in.

And here is a fight that took place a few minutes later. This is why I can’t go anywhere without a thrall. The croc showed up after it was dead.

While the game is performing much better than it was, it is still not as good as it was before the economic update in April.


Hey @speedice

Thanks for the heads-up. W’re continuing work on optimising and stabilising performance on PS4 and Xbox after 2.5.1. Glad to hear the latest update improved performance, but as you noted, there’s still more work to do.
We’re also aware of a few graphic artifacts introduced with the update, which we’re also aiming to address as soon as possible.


Just a heads up, same issues on siptah as well… in case there was any doubts.

As for clothing, I haven’t seen that disappearing thing occur, but I do know the dancer top gets a bit buggy. My clan mate wears it around the best and I’m constantly seeing her left nipple… both hilarious and sad.

Here are some other fun items

This is inside our base

This is 5 minutes later. Same viewpoint.

This is the end of the world

I had to wait 3-4 minutes for the world to render.

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Not sure what did it, but the patch from Sep 14 fixed some major rendering issues. It’s much better, but still not where it should be. My wait time has been cut in half.

We’re still working on improving performance and stability on consoles. It’s a gradual process but we aim to bring them back to acceptable performance levels with more optimizations.

Sorry for the frustration until then.


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