Disappearing thralls, optimization, random bug(s)


Digging 3.0, as such, spending some time with it. Notes…

  1. I think my thralls disappear from the game sometimes. Mostly level 0. Can’t find on map can’t see much in logs. Don’t see death message.

  2. decorating base and it just stopped letting me place new decor items. Couldn’t select from wheel. I don’t decorate much so I dunno.

  3. for about a day or two after the last update I couldn’t use health pots or wraps. Character appeared to get interrupted, she would twitch. Went away and not sure how.

  4. jebbal sag religious mask does not render

  5. lots of things unrender and turn black. Guess this is an optimization or server thing? Never noticed before. It’s pretty bad.

  6. zombies disappear. They are there, can see health bar but don’t render. They still fight and receive and give damage.

  7. bosses sometimes don’t render. Just see their health bar. Still there can receive and give damage. Thralls see it.

  8. this is probably not you guys but I sometimes think my console is faster than the server. One would guess things would be faster with a server because processing power is shared, but instead it just feels like it’s throttled. They see I’m single player and allocate little resources. It’s not my connection. Gportal.

OK, I think that’s it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update 1

A) I can’t unlock my watcher gear. It looks like you can select it and has zero attribute cost but clicking on it does nothing.

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