The revamp of the nameless city has begun on testlive


Once it was the capital of Acheron, built by an ancient race and ruled by the giant kings.
When in the great war with the humans of Lemuria a defeat threatened the Priest-King received the scourgestone as a gift from the priests of Valusia to be used as a weapon against the children of humanity. And although he did not trust the serpent men and their God Set, they persuaded him and he accepted. His misery drove him to it, because his armies had suffered a great defeat against the Armies of the humans in the northern plains. He gave the stone to the warlord and ordered him to smash it to free the energies within him. The stone splintered into 3 fragments. It seemed to work. A gigantic storm arose. He began to cross the country and to move to the city of Xel-ha in the Far East. But the giant kings had not reckoned with the power of the human mind. A Lemurian priest named Petruso stood against the sandstorm. Using the power of Dagon, he anchored the Elemental of the Sandstorm with his flesh, preventing it from moving eastward and destroying the Lemurian city.
Petruso had saved his people, yes, but he paid a terrible price. His victim had not stopped the sandstorm, but merely brought it into a temporal loop. It passed again and again the exiled countries and stopped when it reached Petruso … and then started all over again.
The storm destroyed the capital of acheron with all his science and magic and buried it under sand and atleast this was the downfall of the Acheronian culture and race.

Hello Exiles, Funcom started the process to revamp the nameless city. From an area without interest it should rise to an endgame area, motivating the players to explore these lands again and again.
Some of these changes you can already see in this video of Just Horse

On our server we asked our players what they wish for the revamp and I hope you all make also your suggestions for this procedure

  • We would like Funcom to reintroduce corruption for the entire city. To mitigate the effect, players need magical artifacts or items that can be found elsewhere on the map but can not be crafted.
  • We would like to have more graphical changes to the citymap. For example, more buildings to enter, artifacts, old machines that can be used to upgrade weapons, armor or building materials.
  • For immersion it would be nice to encounter more relics of the giant kings and the culture of Acheron.
  • It would also be good for the mood to visually make the place even scarier. Places where an eerie fog rises. Increased appearance of ghosts, also in the context of shock effects, eerie lights that may lure you into a trap, noises that accompany you.
  • We also think it’s a good idea to find old cooking recipes there or even to produce them at special cooking places.

So what are your thoughts. Please take part on this discussion.


I like most of the ideas: magical artifacts, graphical additions, relics and Acheron cultural items, and even cooking recipes.

I don’t like this one:

I like the atmosphere the way it is; a haunting deadness with lurking danger. It doesn’t need any more artificial “hollywood” effects. To me, that would kinda ruin what’s already working there.

I would just like it to be a more believable looking dead city rather than a bunch of walls and archways. Maybe some big towering living quarters and stuff, even if we can’t go in them.

I mean, it has some small temple parts but I don’t feel they’re enough.


I would like to be able to use the map room in the archives! Wow everything else looks pretty great!

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It’s pretty great - actually feels like that huge chunk of the map serves a purpose now, other than just learning the “map room” ability, that is.

By the way Robteswede let it out not long ago somewhere in Discord:

  1. One of the things he’s pointing out is a bug I fixed today (The Relic Hunter bosses should not drop the Fragment of Power)
  2. There’s a helluva lot more to it than what that guy is bringing up! (He only mentions the Esoteric Library, which has … quite a few things you can learn from it, in addition to that there are a number of treasure hunts in the area, and… added today and soon to come to testlive… if you Consume the Fragment of power at level 60, you will get a permanent +10 feat-points)

And I’ll just leave it here :wink:


…and there was much rejoicing. While I have not had much of a problem with feat points, always having had enough, something that allows continual progression @ lvl 60 is much needed. Pretty monumental news in and of itself. Here’s to hoping for more to come in that vein.


Well Bryan is bound to be happy. :wink:

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To my understanding, they’re already looking into this one, about the map ^^ so thats pretty neat!

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Probably :wink:

I wonder if the new feat points are in preparation for something… like new decorations.

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It’s too small even for existing decorations if you play solo or in a small clan. I’ve got tired of drinking potions when I need some table or carpet.

By goodness I do hope so. We really need some more placeables. I would happily pay for a purely placeables/cosmetics pack.


Where you got that lore extract from?

I recall the Ruins of Acheron beeing somewhere in Nemedia and that the Exiled Lands do not represent an actually known location from the fluff

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Yeah, I’m rather surprised as well. As far as I remember, Acheron covered much of what became Aquilonia and Nemedia after the Hyborian tribes swept southwards.

Also, if I’m not mistaken Set was the main deity in Acheron.

Also, if I’m not mistaken Set was the main deity in Acheron.

This, the Giant Kings were clearly worshipping Set, why should they misstrust him?

I only summarized the Conan Exiles lore found about the protagonists and storyline in the game. It doesn’t match with the existing lore of Howard’s Stories about Hyboria, I know. But beside of this, even Howard worked with different lores and timelines.

You can read about the existing lore from Howard here:

You will see, they took many ideas from these Stories for their own Conan Exiles lore.


(in response to BiJay’s link, above)


Does the hooker burger come with pickles? :sunglasses:

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Pickles cost extra. :wink:

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