The Rising Snake - Warzones - A Community Driven Event

The Wayward Prince

King Conan,

Stygia has fallen into in-fighting since the defeat of Thoth Amon, many pretenders have risen to take his place. A self styled prince by the name of Ptah has risen as the most ambitious among them. His lust for power goes beyond dominion over the ruling priesthood of Set. His eyes are aimed toward amassing power from beyond into the outer dark. If we act now we can avoid another war. I don’t need to remind you of the Hour of the Dragon.

He makes his move soon in Khopshef Province…


Warzones is a community driven event made with the purpose to incentivize open world pvp across the various zones of Hyboria. In this event Ptah of the Empire of Stygia will gather the artifacts needed to reach into the Outer Dark and pry into the obsidian horrors that lay beyond. His motives are unclear, but he needs to be stopped. The community can help or hinder the prince and may even sell themselves off as mercenaries to the highest bidder.

The goal in itself is not to stop Ptah, but to simply pvp with a story string attached. With that we hope you all come and enjoy one of the finest parts of AOC that is often overlooked, open world pvp.

The Prince’s Route

The prince is a cocky one. He will not pass quietly through the shadows in his quest. He mocks his adversaries openly, marching in daylight with his slave army and mercenaries.

Blue: The Prince will amass his army in the Black Castle and lead them into Bubshur.
Yellow: He will board his pleasure galley and make for Pashtun to gather the rites needed.
Green: They shall march to the Pyramid of the Ancients where he will attain the manual of instruction needed to call upon the outer dark.
Indigo: The first cease fire zone for all players to gather. Also the first point to hire mercenaries.
Maroon: The second cease fire zone where players can hire additional mercenaries.

Ceasefire Zones

They have been added on the map as a way for us to gather and organize. Let’s be respectful while we are here. Remember the goal is to pvp in non-standard areas. Let’s take the fight elsewhere.


Not part of a large or active guild? That’s okay! Hangout by the ceasefire zones and advertise yourself to the highest bidder. We want to include the entire community, not just the big guilds. Ideally we want pvp spread among multiple groups duking it out, not just one group vs the other.


On Friday 25/1 at 8pm PST The Empire of Stygia will enter Khopshef. We ask that everyone give Ptah and his army 20 minutes to get in position at Black Castle and organize their forces. Afterwards we hope you all come to join us, pick a side, and duke it out.

Future Warzones
This event is serving as a test. After the event is over we’ll be looking for feedback on how to make it better. We not only want to do more of these, but create more clear objective based “win” parameters, and add more elements to the event to get more active guild and player participation. We also want to have two separate warzones held during EU friendly hours as well as NA friendly hours.

A Final Note on Warzones

The goal in itself is not to stop Ptah, nor is it to zerg one side or the other, but to simply pvp outside of mini games. Let’s do something positive as a community. With that we hope you all come and join, and pvp respectfully. Let’s not aim to pad camp guys, and respect the ceasefire zones. Play responsibly everybody. Peace and love.

In theory it is a good idea. In practice, I do hope it works, but have concerns with farming, ganking, zerging, and all. Still, hats off for taking the initiative! We need community driven events such as this. Cheers mate!


Your concern is noted. However, it is far easier to come up with concerns and decide not to participate then to take a chance and show up. I notice you generally make a post mentioning an obvious way things could go wrong. It is important to also remember things could often go right. And if stuff doesn’t, you can always path of asura out.

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Well said, it’s seems I point out the negatives more than positives - duly noted. I only do so from past personal experience and in the hopes some of the negatives will end or at least be minimal. Many pvpers care only about k/d, preying on the weak but there also are those that enjoy honorable battle as well. Rest assured, I love the game and do hope all are successful in any effort to make the game more fun and positive. Cheers!

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What is the player limit for that zone? Anyone know?

Not sure, but if we have multiple instances going we’ll let everyone know which one carries the prince and his entourage.

Now that seems to be strategically unsound … just “giving away” the instance…
Surely the enemies should send scouts or spies out flooding the land to discover your movements. Surely loose talk or arrogant boasting should reveal the instance… Should the enemy not cultivate turncoats and traitors from amongst your horde with bribery, threats and coercion to reveal the location (instance).

I do not fear spies and rabble! I have the largest most powerful army ever assembled. I am a Prince of Stygian royal blood. None would dare attack me!

Prince Ptah, son of Neverlin House Jade Asp and heir apparent

My concern is that the prince, his guards, and his mercs may all but fill the instance and the opposition won’t be able to get to them. I say this only because I have seen full instance from World Boss many times.

I’m not worried. The prince has many enemies. It will only entice them into a fervor

hola fury debe morir para que todos vean las consecuencias de usar hacks y que los gm le pongan atencion a estos temas

First, Fury must thrive. It is the last place for decent PvP after Saga of blood ends. Merging severs will cause as many issues as it would solve. Second, Cheaters are really few and far between. If you have a decent ping, you see almost none of the alleged porting and speed hacking.

Yes. I agree wholeheartedly. We as a community will decide whether Fury will live or die. These community pvp events is a step in the right direction. We also plan on doing community raids, rf days, and the continuation of pug premade nights

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We have yet to do raiding because there are no tanks on saga save one

Yea and he doesnt even know where his irritate is keybound too. Poor guise

Isn’t it always attached to the push-to-talk button for everyone? Or is that just me?

It’s nice seeing that plot continues. Was wondering how you guys doing on the PvP side :grin:

The ritual complete. With gemstones in her eyes the Vessel is prepared for the next steps in Ptah’e master plan.

Thank you for all those who showed up.

Some things we want to improve upon:

Better time to get our EU brothers and sisters involved.
A clear objective win parameter.
More multi-guild participation

This event was a test and we learned from it. We want to improve things come our next event. Hope you all can make it for that. It will most definitely be posted during an EU friendly time

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Thank you for the event. It was a great deal of fun, and using a community Discord was a great way to go. Completely agree on time change for our EU Sisters and Brothers and the folks downunder!