Turanian Thrashing - Warzones - A Community Driven PVP Event

The Prince Moves East

Reports coming in of the Prince on the march. He makes his way East to Turan. Earlier reports suspected he has come to make dealings with the priest of Erlik. This was misinformation. Updated reports show that the Temple of Erlik strides to meet Ptah in battle through the use of mercenaries. There is a shadow war being waged. The Turanians are not aware of the true purpose of this battle. Neither are we.

Only whispers of a Vessel are being heard… will investigate further.


Warzones is a community driven event made with the purpose to incentivize open world pvp across the various zones throughout Hyboria. In this event Ptah of the Empire of Stygia must escort the Vessel (played by Rebecca) to a boat to cross the Vilayet Sea, continuing his journey eastward. He will be challenged however, as the priest of the Temple of Erlik have paid for mercenaries and cutthroats to rob Ptah of the vessel. But they are not the only ones who strive to take control of the Vessel.The Kozak Raiders see a fortune to be made by holding the Vessel and selling her to the highest bidder.


The Kozaks and the Temple of Erlik factions will be represented by players/guilds declaring for a faction ahead of time. Let us know who you will be fighting for through this google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qnHsASLG6jU7XnX80dbRwi3BGmpPeoMFse_mi5wUaUk/edit#gid=0

If you do not want to declare for any faction and want to run around fighting whomever then you can declare yourself as the Ardashir Garrison, the desperate undermanned soldiers trying to keep law and order in this land. If you want to be a swing player/guild. Joining the side of the most numerically undermanned faction then register as a Free Booter.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, and you don’t need to list your name to participate. The spreadsheet serves as a means for players to group up prior to the event.

The Field of Battle

Dark Red: Kozak Camp/Kozak start zone
Purple: Temple of Erlik camp/Erlik start zone
Brown: Ptah’s route
Grey Arrow: Empire of Stygia start zone
Blue Grey: Ceasefire zones

The Objective

The Kozak Raiders and the Temple of Erlik faction must capture the Vessel and bring it back to their respective camp as highlighted on the map. Whichever faction is in possession of the Vessel by the end of the event will be declared the winner.

The Empire of Stygia must board the Vessel onto a boat waiting on the docks marked by the end of their route on the map. By doing this they will be declared as the winner.


The event will begin on Saturday Feburary 9th at 8pm CET/2pm EST/11am PST. It will last for 2 hours where a winner will be declared if the Empire of Stygia fails to board the vessel by then. If no one has the vessel in their possession at their respective camp by the 2 hour mark, then we go into sudden death mode where the first camp the vessel arrives in will be declared the winning faction.

We ask that all players wait in their respective start zone until the appointed time of the event begins. In which you are free to do and roam as you please.

Vessel Death

If the Vessel dies then she will turn hands to the faction that killed her.

The faction may then command her to:

Go to our faction start zone
Reunite with the Prince
Go to Ardashir

By the Power of Set

The Prince commands great influence over his followers. If Ptah yells the command “Steel isn’t strong, Flesh is stronger. Come to me my child.” Then the Vessel will be compelled to walk towards Ptah. Only by slaying Ptah can you cancel the spells effect. The Vessel will be left delirious and free for capture by any faction however.

Do not believe that the slaying of the Prince will stop the continual use of this spell… for the prince is worse than a cat with more lives then he knows what to do with.

Rewards to the Worthy

After the event is over we will ask the community to tell us their favorite moments, and who was the best rper, pvper, or teamplayer. Then we will create a poll. The winner of the poll will receive their choice of pvp T2 vanity armor (chosen from what we have) and 10g. In future events on Fury we will expand these rewards.

Closing Comments

As before, the goal of these events is to pvp outside of mini-games. We hope you all come, pvp respectfully, and have some fun. Let’s not aim to pad camp and respect the ceasefire zones.

Looking forward to seeing some bloodshed.


The cog the Vessel needs to board

Camp/start zone for the Temple of Erlik faction.

Camp/start zone to the Kozak Raider faction

Start zone of the Empire of Stygia

The Vessel. In need of capture by the prevailing side

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Well done!

The Prince proudly stepped into the SHI to celebrate the end of the Stygian. Lured by the false trust in the Vizier of Bubshur and his General Guise the Scarless the Prince was slaughtered, revitalized and then stripped of his armor. Blindfolded and removed to a Lazuli room by Guise the future seems unclear for the Prince.

Hey, @AndyB and @Spynosaur_Nicole, how about a super generous bump for this event on in the forums and on the loading screen! Only one day away folks!


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One? It says it starts Saturday; unless I’ve somehow skipped time, I think it’s Thursday right now?

Anyway pinning to forum and I’ll add a plug on the launcher :adnyplz:

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Starts on Saturday!


Added to English launcher, re-ordered bits so it’s more visible when starting up. I can’t do localized versions at this time however.

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That’s fine. Thanks for your help!


@AndyB and @Kibbles, thanks for keeping me on the right day…sigh…

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Was a very fun episode. Again we had about 20-30 participants. Not bad for rp pvp in a dlc zone!

For me it was my very first time even seeing some of this content. We inspired a few people to buy the expansion just for the event.

Thanks to the mercenaries from night watch and dead man scroll who came out to turn the tide and help the Prince ■■■■■■ victory yet again. Lets not forget the honorable professor and wanglongdong! Always a good time.

Wait i cant say ■■■■■■??? Claim?

Yea it was fun. We need to do this again, but somewhere where more people have the content