Saga of Blood PvP Festival Locations



Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know where the PvP Festival will be for the rest of Saga of Blood. As you’ve seen, we’ve updated the festival to run 6 days out of the week. :slight_smile:

November 6-11: Kheshatta

The previous locations were determined by the server’s level cap, but we’ve overridden it to run in Kheshatta so Border to Kush wouldn’t run for two consecutive weeks. Starting on the 13th, it’ll be on a sequential rotation between the following five areas:

Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End
Tarantia Common District
Border Kingdoms, Aquilonian End
Border to Kush

Hopefully this helps you guys track down your prey more easily. :wink:


Can you guys just have this running all week? Thinks get SUPER dead monday-thursday after the event dies


It’s just super dead cause no one PvPs for fun. PvPing for fun is so 2000-2008


Being a crom player, Im sad to see festival in border kingdoms on saga. We already know it! You should keep running it in other areas like kopshef and connal’s valley, and even open higher lvl areas before we reach 80, it would be a new challenge for players to avoid pulling high level NPC!


Not Tarantia Common, please. That’s one of the worst places in terms of framerate, just like Tesso. You could PvE like that, but PvP on very low framerate is not fun at all.


Keep the lowbie zones open to the festival.Open world pvp is a blast and it is so rare to have it in zones outside the border kingdoms and minigames. Pvp in Khopshef and Conall’s is superb. Take the opportunity to add events if possible. Turan would be cool and it’ll give you money. Or pvp in Khitai! Open world pvp was one of the best elements to aoc and it has been lost in Fury for years now. It allows so much content to be created by the players themselves.


I hope you guys plan on reverting it back to the world zones when the level cap goes up to Max. I mean I get why you did it because the level caps makes some of the zones inaccessible.

but pvp is definitely more fun in the world zones if anything you should be adding more zones to this circulation not the Border kingdoms. The Border kingdoms are for pve fanboys who prefer consensual butseks over the surprise kind. Plus u can’t use vanity out there. It’s lame.


make available to switch instances in borders then or it will be fuc*ed up


announcing in Aquliona, starting in Kheshatta,gj funcom once again


Any updated info about PVP Festival?

Will it start today, if so, when, where?


Due to an issue that cropped up with the Border Kingdoms the PvP Festival won’t be running this weekend. We’ve been evaluating the feedback on the festival, though, and the good news is we’re bringing back the festival early next week. Subject to your feedback, we’re going to change this to run every day but Monday for the remainder of Saga. Should keep things more interesting throughout the week. :slight_smile:

On another note, we’ve also added minigame W/L ratios to the leaderboards in response to the various community requests we saw for this.

As with Saga of Zath, the formula for these servers is flexible and we’re always looking at what you like and what you don’t. If you’ve got any feedback let us know. :slight_smile:


I guess one has to have lost atleast one game on each type of minigame to show up on the leaderboard there?

else the zero will just become… well, zero :open_mouth:

also look into extending 79 bracket by a couple of weeks? it’s as close to vanilla aoc as we can come, as the guy in the other thread was reminiscing about… culture crafts!!! and more!


I’m alright with the idea. Anybody else have opinions for or against?


At lot of ppl including myself hate the grinding. I am spending more time pve here already than pvp. This was a pvp server not aoc vanilla. Make another saga aoc vanilla in case anyone cares. Plus you still have ppl running around with 80 feats. When we all 80 no one cares. And the worst is minis give no rewards. I dont wanne waste time even longer on minis that give nothing below 80 … so at least enable mini questline earlier. Thx.

In case 79 goes for several weeks i would have a break an play on other servers till 80 is enabled. I am not gonne farm my ■■■ off for trash gear to throw away soon, since we get a shiny armor on 80 anyway.


thats why you can use itemshop if you don’t wanna farm it. no worries mate, or just get gold somehow and buy ingame gear from trader.


79 cap with culture gear would indeed be neat! Good memories from the older days. Btw make the Lemurian Firestick return ingame :upside_down_face: we have been waiting for a reply from Anzu for 3 years now :rofl:


I’d like to add the serpents head in and other rp zones to PvP enabled as well! Drunkards like mussagana should be fair game!

The Prince of Stygia


I’ve seen the recipie drop from demigod at least



The item shop gear is just bad not worth buying since some levels so i skip it, and trader sells no pvp gear past 50 anymore? Oh you mean i support the crafters? Well again no, i need save money for pvp 10 gear and 80 items.


shop gear dps-wise are better than majority of ingame gear, even when 10 lebels lower, so look again.