Saga of Blood PvP Festival Locations



I look again and its not. I could use only 3 pieces. Head, leg and offhand wep. All others blue / purple stuff i have is better. But i did farm best in slot gear. My point was the farming effort gets more and more with each bracket.


I added that a couple years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


So I am doing more pve on a pvp server is this usually the way? im a bit confused :slight_smile:


The level 20-50 npc will be replaced by a level 60-80 npc when you enter the armory as level 60.


can we pls not do that at all? its just a horrible idea,
saga of blood is intendet as pvp server, i dont want to farm stupid recipes for days.
i want to get lvl 80 quick. i want to do sieges, i want to do minigames, and not boring pve stuff i already did like 50 times…


So you want to sit in hub cities and spam for mini games? Your forgetting Sieges require t3 keeps for cities which mat farming is infinitely more boring than farming PVE gear.

A big point that you all are either ignoring or forgetting is that all this pve dungeon farming CREATES open world pvp. We spent HOURS fighting the groups in Nobles trying to do PVE was a great time. Starting to notice that most euros dont play games for the FUN aspect of them. They want to rush to 80 get the best gear to make up for skill (or latency) and then what? quit after a couple weeks? Thought the point of PVP was to have FUN!!! Open world is arguably way more fun than sitting in the hub city waiting on a mini. If you want to do that theres 2 servers already running you can do that on


Ok so the festival of blood was in tesso, went there, got marked a murderer because a lowbie decides to attack someone in our raid group. now im one shot everywhere i go. great fun. Think this is not fun pvp at all.


Accept that the concept of ganking others or beeing ganked is not equally funny for everyone. Because your description of your fun is hindering other ppl to pve. Not everyone has same sort of mental or physical probs to compensate for this.


Crom is that way


that makes a lot of assumptions. I dont gank grey toons of other people but if they attack me I will still get murder points, if they attack someone in group or get splash from a raid vs raid outdoor battle i get murder points so pointing fingers is not really productive here.


I did not respond to you. And I dont care accidents. I am just saying if i would feel to intentionally gank others for my game fun I might think something is wrong in my real life. So i like comtited pvp not punishing lambs…


I will speak in a language you shall understand.

Hyboria is a dangerous place, friend. You have to keep your guard up and though you may survive in Hyboria, only the strong thrive. How you go about it is up to you. You can rely on safety in numbers, or you can discipline yourself and be a part of a smaller yet more skill focused group, or perhaps you’d take the diplomatic route and forge alliances. Banners to call upon and answer to when the earth demands blood to sate its thirst.

In this world the spoils of victory goes to the aggressor. You can be a lamb or a wolf. The choice is up to you. I walk the path of the wolf you act the sheep. Crom laughs at you and your cowardliness for the way this server plays is the game that was promised in 2008, a brutal world where only the strong survive.

If you can’t handle life in a true Hyborian world where slaughter is the daily business of the day then I recommend you run back to your dungeons on Crom.

As for me? I got lambs to slaughter. And there sure are a lot of them lambs that needs be slaughtering.


Will be there more items beside boots and belt (and jewerly) for lvl 60? and if so, will need more pvp level than 2 ?


There will be shoulders with pvp level 2 requirement at level 60 on top of the previous items. At level 75 you will be able to obtain wrists with a pvp level 3 requirement.


I wish i could like Kibbles post more times


so again, there is no festival.
what the heck is wrong at funcom?


A patch is required to enable the festival again, don’t worry it will run for 6 days a week until the Saga is over… starting after next patch!


so it would have made perfect sence to apply that patch before the festival starts i guess…, so we will have an whole other week without festival, right?
at funcom, nothing will ever be as announced…


could you also patch in to never have festivals in common district (it’s just a horrible experience, and back on fury noone bothered playing the day it was in that zone)

it’s been mentioned many times.


And not to mention all those high level NPCs, im pretty sure at the end of an event at this location, those ncps would easily top the kills on the leaderboards :skull_and_crossbones: