Suggestions for new pvp festival/daily event zones

Was thinking it would be nice to add new zones to the current rotation for not just the pvp festival but also the daily pvp quests on Fury and the upcoming saga server. shouldn’t be too hard to add a few flag markers and enable these zones.

Currently we have

  • Keshatta
  • Kopshef Province
  • Wildlands of Zelata
  • Connals Valley
  • Tarantia Commons District
  • White Sands Isle

What we would like to have

  • Thunder River
  • Atzels approach
  • Ymirs Pass
  • Eiglophian Mountains
  • Field of the Dead
  • Tarantia Noble district - i remember having some really great battles on conans bridge and being ganked while questing there was always good times.
  • Underhalls of tortage - Made for great pvp
  • The underground cistern in the noble district used to be a pvp slaughterfest.
  • The House of Crom. Bring this one to the spotlight and encourage people to actually go there. just think that you would need a group to even venture in to those halls and then hold control points.

And even some khitai zones could be fun

  • Northern Grasslands
  • Chosain
  • Kara korum
  • Paikang

Something to mull over.

p.s. you should also consider dropping Tarantia Commons from the rotation… That zone is horribly optimized and most people including me with my super computer drop frame rates like it’s going out of style.