Suggestion: Make a third playfield on Crom with PvP enabled

Honestly, Fury is kind of dead. However, merging Crom and Fury would surely anger quite a few people, especially if it ends up with a PvE only server.

Currently we have two playfields: Normal and Epic.
Each time you Zone into a new area you get to pick between those two. The Epic playfield is essentially a 5-6 man group version of normal playfield with better lootdrops and more moneydrops.

Imagine if you could pick another option; PvP.

This Playfield would have the Fury World PvP ruleset, but in order to entice people to actually risk going into this playfield we would need some kind of carrot.

A great idea would be to make the PvP playfield drop better loot than the normal one, but maybe not as good loot as the Epic playfield, something in between. Essentially you get to kill Normal Level mobs, with better drops - with the added danger of getting ganked/killed by other players.

Then people who would like to risk a bit of PvP could get something back for taking that risk, and we would see more PvErs dip their toes into the water - and thus we have a more healthy population of PvP players.

Now the good thing about these PvP playfields is that you could lock them to their respective levels(you dont have to do this), that way you could have people doing their achievements and quests etc in normal if they dont meet the required level. Essentially you would eliminate lowbie ganking.

White sands and underhalls lvl 25 again with the option for players to go do their quests in peace on the PvE playfield if they dont want to get ganked.


Hehe, you dont know how many who would love this!

I myself and many before you have suggested this to. But the dev have said something about it being “impossible”. We’ll see, it wouldnt the first impossible thing to be implemented later on! :sweat_smile:

Nice idea, but I think I found better carrot - additional EXP for playing in Pvp zone. Gear isn’t something worth time on low levels, so most of people wouldn’t like that and just did normal zones.

For me even better idea is to copy Warmode form WoW. If you have it enabled you can get for example 50 or even 100% additional exp, but can be killed by other players. To avoid expoiting of this mechanic there should be NPC in every hub who can turn your warmode on and off, beceause if it could be turned off in every moment people would just change it when someone appeared on the horizon.

It would make player to think about risk and encourage more to use warmode, so Fury players will be pleased and Crom players would participate in open world pvp or level up their alts faster, when there is noone around :wink:

Just a food for thought tho.


Yeah, i wouldnt mind better loot AND higher xp on the pvp playfield.

Just something to entice people to actually go there as they level up, but not something they need to do.

Really? Got a source for that? :frowning:

This has been requested for years.

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Would love if this happened :slight_smile:

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I would prefer a carrot for lvl 80 players. Most level 80s do pve dungeons only. With current portals you dont even have to go into playing field anymore . Level 80 is were veertien En de up and were most of the pvp will happen.

What would lvl 80 pve players look for in open world?

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Maybe increased PvP XP in the PvP playfields? Also, bring back world drop epics? That way high level players can aoe farm for epics to sell etc.

Maybe make it so high lvl PvP zones, like Keshetta, also has a small small chance of dropping PvP specific gear, like the legendaries.

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That’s a nice idea, if the drop chance is small and the gear is good enough. Maybe equivalent to t4 pve (or even t4 tokens) (as it’s already available in rf it won’t give too much opposition. Also this would make it more easy for pvpers to obtain t4 weapons that are better then pvp weapons for pvp…


Would love to have that third choice of “PvP-playfield” added to “Normal” and “Epic”, with added bonus-xp! (maybe higher chance of loot as well)


This makes sense. Make it optional so those that only pve won’t have deal with it


They should merge the servers, adding maps to be fully PvP and maps to be only PvE. Fury was fun due to the wars happening everyday. It is gone. Crom has just minigames, waste of time. We need more PvP and the sieges can be blocked by using alts guilds killing the funniest event this game has.

This idea has been offered up on numerous occasions but nothing has ever been done to implement it. I don’t think they can combine rulesets in that way because of how the game runs. Would be interesting to hear what @mussagana thinks about it.

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With existing code this would mean cloning each playfield we’d want that functionality in, then going through and fixing what breaks during the cloning process (a lot, as things reference instances of each other and all the things in the new playfield are new instances).

This isn’t a time efficient solution so there would have to be a different one.

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So that is what was done to Khemi Night PvP Zone for the Halloween event? It is not just cloning, operate a switch and tweak some numbers, done, as we hoped? That is sad to hear, I think many of us hoped for a solution like that.

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But that’s just one zone. To combine rulesets they would have to clone every open world zone in the game and fix all the variables that would break while doing so. such as quest items, npcs, etc. With the limited resources allocated to this game now he is saying it would take a long time to do.

I can just imagine to be honest how difficult it would be. I used to build world in the neverwinter nights editor and that was complex enough. Aoc is a much more complicated code ecosystem.

DCUO has a nice system. Two servers with one connection point in the form of a portal. You use it when you want to go to the pve side or vice versa anytime you want. Shame we couldn’t have something similar.

They could always remove the 30 day restriction on transfers and make them free anytime but then you would have issues with naming conflicts. They would have to do away with the cost of name changes because you could just transfer to the other server and get a free rename. They would essentially be giving up that revenue stream. Doubt they’ll do that.

Honestly this server merging dream is something that you can wish for but as they say. wish in one hand crap in the other, see which fills up first.

What if epic zones were just done away with? Hardly anyone uses them anyway (and if they do it’s strictly to farm vanity or as an ineffective gold farm) and they wouldn’t be missed. Although I guess you’d still have to change the values of everything within them and it’d still be time consuming.


Interesting idea. Just make the epic zones pvp enabled. Hardcore mode!


Anything to merge the playerbase (Fury to Crom) is a healthy thing for the game!