Suggestion: Make a third playfield on Crom with PvP enabled

Or other way around. Merge crom into fury. Disable the pvp in the normal zone and keep epic zones as pvp zones. I guess it would be more easy to remove a functionality then adding…?

Also my guess is that most pvpers wont mind fighting in epic instances. Most are low level anyways. For the level 80 play fields, remove the npc’s around the pvp areas (fos/ group area)


Other way around does not matter. You will still have to change the pvp parameter from on to off. Which means that it’s the same work required as turning it from off to on.


So in theory, you could clone individual instances?

Say you cloned white sands and underhalls and made specific additional PvP instances for just those two zones. Given that most mobs in there are just enemies, and a few questgivers, i dont suppose that would be the same workload as cloning the entire game?

Is it possible to clone only specific zones, like underhalls, white sands and maybe kheshetta?

What he means is it isnt a copy and paste job. there are scripts in place that would have to be reworked from the ground up. so they could make a clone of a base zone but they would have to remake all the variables in that zone. NPc pathing ( invisible nodes that tell npcs where to walk or move), Weather variables if applicable, Quest givers and quest objective nodes, Respawn points Literally everything that serves any function.

If you could see the invisible world underlying any complex game like this you would be impressed. The invisible world being all the scripts required that tell the program what to do. To clone a zone they must all be redone in the new zone manually because the scripts perform actions based on the instance they belong to. It’s a lot of work for a back burner game with limited resources.

It’s just a shame funcom wont devote a little more money to aoc. A couple more devs working on it could make a huge difference.