Saga of Blood PvP Festival Locations



Next patch thursday 1.11.2018,it start?


Please dont have tarantia common district in the rotation, Nobody likes that zone. The zone is laggy and glitchy and its simply impossible to enjoy anything in there!


Tarantia commons and tesso wildlands both are horribly optimized. it is known.


I liked dragging the sewer god into the EOS zerg and watching all the rats eating them. let me have that at least




Pls no Common district for pvp, its horrible!


Thats for me also a good reason to leave fury after saga. The only thing that open world pvp adds - and I liked to try it - is technically so unpolished that I cant play it, at least for melee. So after a “10y beta” i dont expect any changes?


Festival Will now run Tuesday through Sunday on Saga of Blood.

This week no festiwal? 1.11---->>>


Wrong, events are up right now in Kush


Updated with new rotation information. I’d like to look into Tarantia Common District’s performance issues, but due to demand we may pull that one out if we have no other options. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:


Oh god please take commons out of that rotation and give us something else like kop province or connals valley. nobody likes commons. It’s a frame rate destroyer.



Extended 79 bracket, yes please


Please remove commons. It is way to tight at the entrance and the roof tops promote lame play. Additionally, the framerate at the entrance area is terrible.


Adding my voice to the rest. Remove Tarantia Commons, add White Sands, Khopshef, and Conalls back the the rotation. Not a fan of border kingdoms pvp, but looks like I’m along in that one.

Also, how much time does it take to add new festival locations? World pvp is one of the best parts of AOC and adding new festival locations to the world of Hyboria will add some new pvp content in the game and ensure the playerbase remain on Fury instead of transferring all their toons to Crom once the server ends.


Also it would be VERY helpful if there was an interface in game which displayed the current pvp festival and which quests you can get along with their rewards. I imagine most new players do not even know that these things are happening. It is so cumbersome as is.


@mussagana Look at the water, Disabling it clears up the framerate issues in commons and tesso.


Its the amount of NPC nametags in commons spread


The fact that showing ASCII strings on the screen drops frame rate says it all…


Just quoting because YES!!!

I don’t feel the like system really leads to highligting favorite suggestions the devs should look into as it is meant to be. Let’s test it.
:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:Please like @chiefqueef post above if you support an ingame display of the festival locations/current festival location.:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: