Saga of Blood PvP Festival Locations



yeah, also if you dont have on-screen messages enabled (or a chat window with them) and don’t know much about how the festivals work…

you’re likely to miss a whole lot.


The water is not the issue of commons district. I was there yesterday just trying to kill people standing on the respad because they don’t move away from them. I had on average 24 fps and by disabling the water it increased to… nothing but by disabling all the npc nametags it significally improved


also if you could force the daily zone to be the same as the festival zone…

yesterday was a blast with 4 instances in keshatta because keshatta was the daily zone aswell as the festival zone. epic!



Just remove wild Lands from daily pvp Zones. I dont even bother playing there anymore. If you cant optimize it replace it to something where your game is not a slide show.


+1 it is sad when we have only 1 instance on pvp event (


For the more limited (like me) can we have a complete timetable (corrected if i’m wrong) in the first post like:

November 13-18: Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End
November 20-25: Tarantia Common District
November 27-December 2: Border Kingdoms, Aquilonian End
December 4-9: Kheshatta
December 11-16: Border to Kush
December 18-23: Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End
December 25-30: Tarantia Common District
January 1-6: Border Kingdoms, Aquilonian End
January 8-13: Kheshatta
January 15-21: Border to Kush


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