The server AGE is not displayed in the server list

I noticed that recently on my server ( [RU][PvE][X3]Open Games Club[OGC] ) the AGE is no longer displayed in the server list. Cloud server “g-portal”. Can this be fixed and how ?

help plz!!!


i’m getting this as well… i’m using streamline servers so something must be going on with the way the game.db file is being recognized by the server launcher

The settings are all by default, I haven’t changed anything. I know for sure there are many more servers with this hosting and there are no problems there.

i’ve been searching for a reason this is happening and still haven’t found anything… it’s really odd though… my server is def not 0 in age but that’s what it shows… and while it’s not super important… i don’t want everyone who sees it to think it’s brand new… every day…

I submitted a ticket with GPortal and without seeing anything that would cause this issue specifically, they were able to fix it by “refreshing the connection with the server” whatever that means! I don’t need to understand the sorcery to appreciate the magic :wink:

UPDATE Sadly, the fix didn’t hold and we’re back to 0. Subsequent attempt with G portal to address it resulted in being told it’s a FC problem…