The thrall pot?



So do I just load the pot and it works automatically or do I need to click on each thrall it serves?

Timer is working but even when I put food in- I am using savory and exotic fish it does not increase the time thrall will take to go hungry.


My understanding is you just throw food in the pot, and within a certain radius it distributes that food in equal quantities to each thrall within the radius


I laid out 4 pots at my main base and placed a load of gruel in each initially which all my thralls glommed onto. Later I added cooked savory & exotic fish along with crabs and lobsters to the pots. My question is this:

Do my thrall pots also feed other players thralls? I ask because there is a base on a cliff below mine that has a few thralls and there are some abandoned thralls on that cliff as well and my thrall pot that is closest to them lists a boatload more thralls than I have within range of it.


Apparently not.
we have a thrall from our clan which is bugged since last update and doesn’t belong to us anymore apparently (so in theory it’s a “neutral thrall” since we cannot interract with her anymore) and she does not appear on the pot list although she is supposed to be in the radius of the feeding pot.
So i would say no.


There seems to be a display bug with the thrall pot: It will not update the timer for thralls even though it has pushed food to them. If you then go visit that thrall manually, you’ll see that their survival timer has increased and they have the food in their inventory - and if you return to the pot, they will now show the updated time value.

I have not done extensive testing on this, and obviously the timer hasn’t run out on anyone, but I’m hoping it’s just a matter of the thrall list not updating. The food does get pushed to each thrall at least.


Also, if you put different kind of food, the same thralls that already got distributed food get some again.

Hope this is not intentional.


Thanks Roro4066.


You’re very welcome :smiley:


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