The thralls constantly block objects and corpses

**Game mode: Single-player on Dedicated Server Win10
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type PvE
**Region: DE (Ger)

This is another annoying bug that I have never seen in the local single player.

The thralls always stand in the middle of a corpse like a magnet is pulling them along. Looting and other interactions with the object are so limited or not possible.

yes mods are installed. In singleplayer with exactly the same mods this not happend

Hey @Daimonicon

Could you provide a little more information, i.e. a screenshot or video showcasing this issue, so we can get a better idea on what’s being reported?
Thanks in advance.

It would be incredibly helpful and functional if you implemented a feature were kicking a thrall would move them a little bit out of the way. That way, too, if they block doors and portals, you can kick the crap out of them until they aren’t in the way.

Thanks for the additional information @drachenfeles. We’ll relay it to our team.

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Sorry I haven’t been able to play it again for so long to record this. But as described, the whole thing happens with doors and passages and I forgot about that.


I have also been plagued by the followers ending their travel too close. I began noticing it after the “running lag update,” and assumed that the AI was stopping travel normally but was being carried farther forward due to the new momentum. I now carry a katana so I can heavy slash my way out of the inside of my followers (human followers now glitch inside of you just like the rhinos always have).

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The horse does the same as the thralls but I only have one picture left. I was so annoyed that I played locally with the saved game instead of on the dedicated server. The same cannot be reproduced locally.

The horse also stands on the corpses, mostly when they have been stunned and then killed because you don’t want to convert them. On the horse it is not such a problem because you can loot better under it.

For understanding, before the NPC died the horse was quite a distance behind me and then he galloped to my position like stupid

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This will not be a problem any more!
In the TestLive build from yesterday they introduced a functionality where you can easily tell your followers to step aside :walking_man: :point_left:

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I have also seen it and it looks interesting ! That might be helpful if the thralls block passages. But with the stomping around on the corpses I find it a bit annoying in consideration of the frequency.

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You are right. Regarding the standing on corpses this is only a workaround and not a solution…
I was too confident :weary:

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