The Three Kings RP [PvE-C] [EU] [PC]


Exiles we invite you to join The Three Kings RP!

The Kings are brothers, but they did not know this until they were rescued by a Cimmerian barbarian named Conan who told them a secret kept from them all their lives.

Each King has their own domain, striving to look after each and every exile within their lands.
King Lucas Loganfire of the desert, worshipper of the serpent god Set.
King Joren Jevonwater of the jungle, following his own destiny with the courage given to him at birth by Crom!
King Clive Cricklewood of the Highlands, lover of all creatures Mother Nature has blessed his lands with. Praying to the god Mitra to guide him.

Tensions have been growing between the crown and the frozen north, home to lawless exiles that have began to try and tear the crown apart. With the knowledge the Kings received the crown has declared war on everyone on the frozen north who does not bend the knee to the Kings!

With the current events, we have just introduced PvE-C to the server with PvP active from 7pmCET to 11pm CET.
As this is an RP server we would like everyone to appreciate that killing on sight will not be allowed. Attacking someone should always be the last option!!

The lands are a democracy with weekly council meetings for all exiles to come and vote and how things are run.

If you would like to join:
The Three Kings RP [PvE-C] [ENG] [RP Names A Must]
Direct Connect:
Server type: PvE-C
Discord link: The Three Kings Discord Channel


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