The Three Kings RP [PvE-C] [PC] [Pippi]

Exiles we invite you to join the Three Kings RP!

It’s been five months since three brothers were exiled to unknown lands and claimed the lands as their own to rule over.
In this time there has been war, witchcraft, uprisings and surely more to come.

King Joren Jevonwater, king to the jungle was lost during the great sandstorm.

King Lucas Loganfire not seen in sometime, perhaps something to do with his vile sidekick, Lord Nicodem of Sepermeru? Known for torturing and crucifying exiles to his cities walls.

This leaves King Clive Cricklewood to look after everyone in the lands. Will he be able to cope with such demands and protect everyone from the evil that persists to torment the lands? Like the two necromancers who’s pyramid sprang out of the ground after their curse was broken whilst exiles defeated the Spider Queen attempting to save King Clive’s guards.

With the aid of Huba the Pellar, Clive has built a new area, Wild Pine, to try help new exiles with quests given to teach the ways of the lands!

Zirhili, owner of the Skalds Horn tavern, has just opened a new market for all exiles to come and sell their wares.

This is a PvE-C server with a twist, we have PvP on 24/7 to aid any conflicts.
As this is an RP server we would like everyone to appreciate that killing on sight will not be allowed. Attacking someone should always be the last option!!

The lands are a democracy with council meetings for all exiles to come and vote on how things are run.

If you would like to join:

The Three Kings RP [PvE-C] [ENG] [RP Names A Must]

Mods: Pippi

Direct Connect:

Server listing: PvP (but we are PvE-C)

Discord link:

Steam group:

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