Welcome to the Kingdoms of Chaos (17+)!

We are an immersive true kingdom RP PvE-C server. PvP is always on but building damage is not. Please come give us a look! Dedicated website coming soon! Very friendly admin team with NO admin abuse. Realistic settings! Soon to be Epic Kingdom battles! Amazing Kingdoms and POIs! We are at a humble 24 slots right now but expansion to more slots will happen immediately when we reach our current cap. We would LOVE to have over 80+ slots open in the future.



Long ago in a desolate land of scorched sands and frostbitten snow, there were six exiles. Dumped in the land with no whys or reason. Each of the exiles woke up to dry mouths and stinging eyes. The dunes around them are harsh with heat, they set on a trek, weary of one another. They soon reached a river of bountiful crops, trees, and animals. Tired from their trek they settled down, started a fire and wearily began discussing their situation amongst themselves. With no knowledge of the lands, the people or the harm, the fear slowly crept amongst them. In the dead of night they were awoken by a rustling of trees and footsteps quiet and nimble. Out of the bushes came a man, tall and shrouded in clothes of cloth and scrap. He announces “No need to be on defense. I am the first. You six are the only exiles, other than myself… It’s been a long and bitter existence, please express your names. Each of the six, announced their names. For the sake of this tale, some of these names are hidden, and for you exile, is a challenge. Their names are Sinbad, Freya Dagalia, Daeja Volsung, Akara, Elise Vernix, and the hidden one being the Wanderer.

The man sits and talks with them for a long while, explaining the dangers of this land and what lurks about. He mentioned dangerous dungeons and enemies of all kinds. Over the course of the night and the next few days, the man guided them on their journey. As the days passed he taught them all they needed to survive. As the time came The First, feeling as though the six had blossomed under his care, began assessing what the lands needed and sent them on their journeys. Sinbad was sent to the sea, to explore and discover what looms beyond the horizon, Freya was sent to test her steel against the bitter northern winds to command and conquer, Deaja Volsung set out along the fertile river in hopes of following the First’s ways and creating Bayhorn, a home for new exiles. Akara set to the farthest reach of the sands, not conforming to either lands (the seas, and the mountains) destined for a purpose to unite others of the same ways in a nearby future. Elise Vernix wanted the best for her new given life, and decided to live it lavishly, she set to the desert to build her tavern, The Jaded Dragon, where exiles can have drink and maybe pick up a quest along the way. And lastly we have The Wanderer, not much is known about his whereabouts, his task completely unbenounced to the other six, has all but seemed to be lost to the wind, or is he?


  1. This is a 17+ roleplay enforced server therefore naming conventions are also enforced (i.e. nothing inappropriate or silly.)

  2. You must align yourself with one of the predetermined guilds or kingdoms. Each kingdom leader will be listed for you to contact, admins are also at your disposal for this information.

  3. No independent building is allowed, all buildings must be within the rp confines. Make sure to follow your kingdom or guild rules.

  4. Stealing is allowed but can not be inter-kingdom or inter-guild.

  5. Player killing is allowed but griefing or excessive killing will be punished.

  6. Players are required to live in the Town of Bayhorn until level 25, this is the level where you are eligible to be recruited by a kingdom or guild.

  7. Only one thrall, one pet, and one horse is allowed per person. No elephant or rhino taming is allowed.


  1. No large gifs in the important chats (mainly roleplay and kingdom) server emojis are always fine.

  2. Cursing is allowed but can not be directed at individuals in a harmful way or manner.

  3. Discord is required to play on the server.

  4. Roleplay channels are for roleplay only. Please no normal conversation, the general chat and locked kingdom channels are available to you for that reason.

  5. We are 17+ server, please keep it appropriate.

  6. Conduct yourself like an adult, we will not tolerate childish behavior.

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Very friendly admins/players. Enjoyable, lifelike Role Play server settings. Player based economy with two Kingdoms, an Adventurer’s Guild as well as a Town of Beginnings for new players to get used to the server.

Definitely would recommend to anyone who enjoys Role-Playing.

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Really fun! Can’t wait until more people join and the kingdom becomes a full rp life. Absolutely love the admins and kings / queens. Everyone is friendly and everything is set. Cant wait to start my rp life

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I was actually curious about this but can’t find the server at all …

cant find any discord link to the server.

yeah would be nice if people will post the IP for direct connect when advertising the server