Shadow Dynasty - Roleplay [18+]

Whether or not you hail from the land of Hyrkania, the sun-drenched islands of the Barachan or the Witch ruled Yamatai, not a single soul is safe from the banishment of the Exiled Lands. Trapped in a permanent yet cut-off landscape, many Exiles find themselves here in what seems like an endless cycle of life and death… only that death here simply means a long and humiliating stroll back to your humble abode.

Emerald Green walls surround this landscape, stopping anybody that may attempt to leave this mysterious and cursed place. Tales of Exiles digging and scaling the walls are common, but all have the same outcome. Nobody ever leaves…

Dark feathered vultures roam calmly in the blistering southern desert, watching newcomers with feast-full intent as they come to terms with the reality that is now their home. A little further north, rivers run wildly, providing a natural habitat to the variety of odd creatures that have been surviving here for many years. To the north, snow-capped mountains and grassy meadows sweep throughout the harsh terrain creating yet another opportunity for ferocious beasts and hostile clans to gather and call home.

Make friends, enemies and encounter a multitude of different happenings in this exciting yet dangerous world of Shadow Dynasty.


I am Kwikninja, owner of the Shadow Dynasty RP server, which has been running now since early March of last year and i am so proud how far as a community we have come and how many fantastic people we have with us.

We are currently using the following mods on our super fast server: Coin & Trade / Pippi / Slaversmod / DyeMoreBetterer

We run on a fully dedicated server, with excellent hardware and connection speeds with players from around the world.

Direct Connect:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

If you are interested, here are the rules of our server:

– Rules –

General Rules
Admins are to be obeyed and respected, we will do what we can to help but we are people too!
Respect your fellow players, communicate your grievances politely. Admins will assist if things escalate.
Exploiting in game bugs/mechanics will result in a ban.
Racism, sexism and personal harassment out of character both in game and in discord will not be tolerated.
Any alt-accounts/secondary characters must be discussed with an admin first.
The server is an English speaking server, all in game must be in English, communication within a clan can be in another language. We understand people have varying levels of skill with the language but you will not be discriminated against due to spelling or grammar.

Naming – Character & Clan
Names must be of a fantasy or Conan theme. Resources to help you will be available.
Please do not use names that are blatant puns, innuendo, racism, sexism or ripped from pop culture.
Do not use numbers or special characters in your name.
Failure to comply with the above will result initially in you being contacted to help you change your name, should you refuse it will be changed for you.

This server is RP first, PVP second. Encounters must be treated this way. See the #rp-pvp-guide if you are unsure how this works in greater detail.
KoS is not allowed.
If you feel you have been KoS’d or over-looted by another player, contact an admin with as much proof as you have (screenshots of the encounter etc).
Please remember that no character is invincible or untouchable. Even in a frustrating conflict treat each other with politeness out of character.

Raiding and Structure Based PvP
Before raiding a base, you must do the following -
Declare war on the enemy player in game, in character, via RP.
Post the declaration in the #declarations_of_war channel.
Arrange the details with the other players as to what is and isn’t fair game, available times and details of what will constitute a victory.
If you are unable to do this, contact the Roleplay GM for assistance and consult the guide.
Offline raiding is forbidden, even during war, unless both sides have agreed they can do this.

Please try and keep buildings to fit with your character/clan with regards to size. One man in a walled city sat in a castle is a very unlikely scenario for example.
No exploiting game mechanics (e.g. unreachable bases).
No spamming objects outside of your base boundaries.
No closing off other player bases.
No blocking major pathways or routes. You can build on them but they must be passable easily with no threat of thralls etc.
No blocking NPC camps/Lore items/Recipes/Emotes.
If you are going to be away for an extended time, notify an admin as a script will deconstruct your base after a certain amount of time.
If you create a new base and don’t want your old one, please demolish it. Admins will assist with this if it’s a larger base.
Please do not place crafting stations out in the wilderness. For aesthetic reasons, please construct some form of small outpost with it or containing it.
Wheels of Pain should not be placed directly next to camps now that new items are available addressing the dragging of knocked out thralls

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My experience of this server was not good. The RP first rule was as simple as:

“I RP” Whack!

The admin at the time didn’t even listen to what I had to say about it.

There can be some good banter on this server. If it wasn’t for some idiot people blocking access to resources (Black Galleon) and not understanding how to RP and some poor decisions by Moderators this might have been a good server and I might still be on it.