Shadow Dynasty [RP/EU-US/Dedi]


Hello all,

Shadow Dynasty is an RP community hosted on a dedicated server making it suitable most players around the globe to connect and run without issue.

It has a very dedicated and friendly community, tons of stories and varied characters roaming the lands, RP Hubs, active and helpful admins and plenty of events to keep you entertained.

It is also the server the Shadow Dynasty Coin and Trade mod was developped for, being the primary mod of the server. We also run Pippi, SlaversMod and Dye More Betterer. A pack is available on steam should you decide to join.

We run:

4 x XP Boost
1 x Gather
PVP is on
Building damage is arranged with admins when RP conflict begins

For all the details, rules, lore and backstories, please visit our website and Discord available upon connecting.

Direct connect is

Next wipe scheduled for launch day.