The thrill is gone. Add some actual dangers

Hello there,

while I get that suggestions regarding more specific topics are great, I wish the actual world was filled with more UNFORSEEABLE DANGERS! I think threats are too stationary and therefor forseeable. Something like free roaming Bandits, Sandbeasts in the sandstorms, Blizzards in the north, more predators or undead at nighttime and a purge that poses an actual threat.

I am aware that many play this game in a more “convenience” focused way, I would actually like to see the focus shifted back on the survival aspects. I want that thrill when I play a survival game, because anything at any time could potentially kill me…

I hope not all players play this game to enjoy their god-complex or bikinithralls and some are like me… gaming masochists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What would you like to see added to the game? here, they asked what you want to see :slight_smile: In addition, I know a private server or two running harder settings and enhancing the level of danger by using some mods. PC only. There is something for every taste I would say :slight_smile:

If spiders and felines in general could climb…


Here’s the thing: unforeseeable dangers would be brutal to new players. People like you and I, we’ve seen everything, fought everything, defeated everything. We know how to beat the game.

But someone with, say, only 30 hours in the game (which is about the average playthrough time of a modern video game) has no tools to survive a randomly appearing hazard that would pose any real danger to you or me. I know, survival games should feel like survival games rather than Sims - but Conan Exiles provides the player with so little information about, well, anything, that new players can die and not even figure out what happened. Getting repeatedly returned to the desert, naked, and potentially losing their first bases, might discourage them from trying again.

I’m fine with adding more danger to top-tier areas like the snowy area and Volcano, but newbie-friendly regions should remain newbie-friendly. Or as newbie-friendly as it ever gets in the Exiled Lands (which still means everyone and their lame aunt tries to kill you).


There is already sth in the game. The Purge!

The problem is, that your purge bar goes down if you DONT play… @Ignasi @Hugo could you finally remove this function?
Set the “min online player amount for purge to 1”, instead of 0 and remove the declining of purge bars.

If you play alone you have to play >6hours EACH DAY for 10 days to trigger a purge. Is that really the idea behind it?

If I play for 2-3 hours, I lose all the purge progress until I login in the next day…


Thank you! I regularly see newbies come to the game and then get suddenly slaughtered by an elite shaleback or hyena.

Yeah, the PVE thrill is gone for me too. But I don’t wanna punish new players for that.

You know what’s a good source of thrill in a multiplayer game? Other players. I hope Funcom implements some changes that will actually incentivize true conflict on PVE-C servers. And there’s always PVP, once Funcom gets rampant cheating under some semblance of control…

And, as @jot29 pointed out, the Purge might become a better source of thrill, if Funcom makes an effort in that direction.

Do you play PVP?
the unknown danger from other players is alive and well.

I do agree with both points.

A while ago I watched someone play and they would occasionally get attacked by a small group of hostile npcs with a purge style banner that said “Ambush”.

For the life of me I can’t remember who that was or which mod they were using.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to have a small scale npc attack here and there, maybe 2 well equipped (for the biome) or 3-4 moderately equipped (again for the biome) npcs that would occasionally turn up and mess with you.

This could be something that would be more frequent than full on purges and be targeted at you, not you house.

As far as roving sand beast demons…
You sound like the kind of player who would welcome the purge saying “a pack of adult dragons is interested in adding your charred corpse to their collection”

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Nope. Dont care much for griefing and offline raiding, so I stick to shooters for PvP. Just not my thing. Dont even get me started on how I’d have to build… ruins the game for me.

Then a survival game is just not for them. Dying and learning from your mistakes is an essential part of games in general. Failure is a good thing. Besides, I am not talking about making Newbie-river a frustratingly hard to survive place.

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In singleplayer you can speed up the Purgemetre…

In singleplayer I can invoke commands to start a purge whenever I want and which level I want…

True, you can also reduce the timer, so that it comes “naturally”…

Hell yeah! An actual Battle!

While it’s true some PVP servers are just like you described, not all of them are.
Just as not all PVE servers are full of griefers and people who block pathways, lore points and resources.

But that ruins PVE for me, I agree about wandering / pathing mobs if they’re area / zone specific so as not to frustrate new people, and wild snow storms and dangerous weather, sounds awesome.

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All in favor of pyroclastic flow with lightning storms in areas close to the volcano.

Bat demons flying down from sandstorms.

Freezing snowstorms in the north that run down to new asgarth and spawn more hostile animals stirred up by the storm.

Even a thick fog occasionally around the forgotten tribe biome that increases the amount of undead in it.

I play on PS4 so my admin commands are extremely limited. I’m sure on PC there are some mods to turn survival play all the way up.

When it comes to wandering boss monsters there is always going to be some kind of safe area for building like we have now. Obviously you wouldn’t want to build your home in front of a bulldozer. You can do this now, my son has his fort near a jaguar spawn point so every time he is there he has to kill this stupid cat that runs up and starts karate chopping his base.

You also probably dont want to log in and be already dead. So maybe being indoors protects from weather just like sandstorms.

Outside of mods everything should be playable so people can understand not to put your new 2 bedroom ranch style home where a 80ft giant snake will occasionally smash it.

I can not speak for others but my purge bar stays the same regardless of how long i am offline. I tested it and was offline for a week. Came back to the same purge bar. It also increases as long as i am online. I can stay stationary and it will keep increase. I tried that too. I am on official too.

Thats strange, as most complain about this stupid feature…

All I can say is that you’re lucky, because that’s not how it works normally. By the way, are you in a clan?

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Yep, but it is a one man clan and i do not long on often which makes it more puzzling to me.