The transfer stone and the sacrificial stone do not work

I’ve learned magic since the new global update, but after the update with Chapter 2, I can’t activate the new transfer stones and I can’t use the sacrificial stone. I can build but not activate and the interaction button does not work. Please help. Checking the integrity of the files and reinstalling the game did not help.

Are you using any mods? Obsolete mods or mods that haven’t been updated are one of the most common culprits when something isn’t working. At least the sacrificial table is working for me. I’ll need to test the transportory stones on another save, since the one I’m currently playing doesn’t have any yet.

I use the mod Transfer once a week. But the players that play with me on the server also use it while they have no problems with magic items. There were times when the sacrificial stones stopped working when the souls were collected and moving the stone did not solve this problem.

Did you use a yellow lotus potion or a Potion of Natural Learning at any point?


Are you over-encumbered? If so, lose some weight and try again. :wink:


It helped! Thanks!!! xxx

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