The tribe deliberately set up high walls to surround my home?


Is it allowed on the official server?

The player uses a high wall to surround my home, can it be reported to the administrator?

That’s against the rules on official servers. You should probably submit a ticket to Funcom:

Make sure you include all the relevant details, as outlined in the official server rules:

Good luck :+1:


Thank you !

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Had somewhat similar problems on multiple official servers. Codemage is sadly right though, funcom has decided to run a 1000 almost empty and adminless servers instead of fewer actually good ones.

Since unfortunately it takes just one “insert word for selfish useless human” to ruin an official server, I’d suggest either a private one or singleplayer. Unless you’re somewhat masochistic and have too little frustration in your life.

Have a great day y’all…

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i have reported and in my server many times similar players have been reported of similar behaviour, and got banned… so its not luck… u need to sustain ur base untill fcs stuff decides to kick in (sometimes takes some days). message me to show u a nice trick to sneak inside and outside of ur base till then

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also contain as many pics as u can that includes name of clan and locations

Thank you, I have reported it to the official. At present, their high walls still exist. I have also taken photos of them and the clan. I don’t know how long it will take for the official to intervene?
But I will wait.

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Sometimes quicker, sometimes slower but it can take a few weeks to months depending on backlog and how severe the issue is.

Still ruins the game experience for multiple weeks… but if you are patient enough, I guess it’s working.

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Have you tried asking them why? I had to mediate a land dispute where the two clans decided to wall each other in.
Unfortunately it was by my main base and so I talked with both parties and they tore down the walls. Sometimes people get upset when you build over a resource, or too close to them, or on land they claimed or wanted.

Ask Codemage about Salty Monkey…LOL.


Hello everyone,

If you want to report any infractions to us, please make sure you send us a message using our new Zendesk link.
You can read more here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures