The whole F2P notion has gotten out of hand

How? Did you spend one billion dollars on boosters to get enough yellow gear?

I have seen a grand total of one vanity reward bad missions I could even try with just purple gear. (Or is it the balance of how many of them are designed for which agent that’s broken?)

you need the right agents and you can run all missions with purple gear (and those are the hardest, vanity bags are easier to run so you prefer to use agents with outstanding bonus).

Namely just Nassir and Hayden combination will be able to run at least 5 of 6 bag missions with purple gear. Not at their best chances, but they can start them.

Having combination Amir, Nassir, Petru, Montgomery and Oleg will grant you the best chances of them all for each urgent mission and goes as high as 45% with purple gear.

Also you get yellow gear from blue pack, they are worth doing.

Yeah. Starts feeling too much like an Asian grinder for me which causes me to lose interest and stop playing. I don’t mind complexity, you know if we had to figure out which agent would get outstanding and those were NOT the hardest agents to get, etc., and/or piece together which missions made a chain, etc., but RNG for RNG’s sake - which seems to be the way SWL is and is going to stay - no thanks.

With some of the Agents, you can run them with Epic gear on them, especially Oleg, he is fairly P2W actually >.>

I disagree. Vanity items effect gameplay for a Lot of players. Having something that looks Good, and fits an archetype for someone can really get them invested into a game. If looks and graphics mattered as little as you say, then playing a game with stuck figures as avatars would be the best selling game of all time, since it could run on any platform.

I am not saying that these items should drop instantly, or like candy, but considering the effort required to even Try to get them, having 6-7 layers of RNG and still not getting something you want is over the top.

Are you sure? I remade my templar – this time with red shoes – and the runspeed is so much nicer. 'Course, I also installed BooSprint around that time, which might have impacted the red-shoe test. I wonder if blue-shoes improve Illuminati speed.

The larger concern for me is the lack of shared bank. I’d really rather not roll up a second account just to trade items around even if it’s just a disposable free one.

BTW, if they truly wanted to sell more skins, they’d make Agents actual NPC-like side-kicks that traveled with you and could wear the same skins as player chars. Voila, instant double demand for skins. It’s not as good as an alt, since you can’t customize their base appearance/name/etc, but I bet it would sell a lot more skins.

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We’ll have to agree to disagree.

Just because something doesn’t effect my stats doesn’t mean it doesn’t change how much I enjoy playing, which is why people play games. For me, style is a Huge part of gameplay: getting the cosmetics, and playing with them, and making looks. It is a large part of why I play, even if it doesn’t “make me run faster, or deal more damage.” Just because you don’t care how you look doesn’t mean others don’t. Feel free to argue the semantics of what constitutes “gameplay,” but if it is part of a game, it is “gameplay” to me.

If I have a goal in mind, I want to be able to actively have the ability to achieve it, with some sort of moderate success. The agent system was meant to be passive, I get that, but having 6-7 layers of RNG for rewards makes the passivity even more painful. There is no way to improve your odds, outside random luck, even getting the Legendary Gear for agents and having 200 above the stats required for a mission doesn’t guarantee success. From my experience, it doesn’t even moderately effect it. Sending my 50’s on level 1 missions yields as many Oustandings as sending level 1’s.

How exactly is forbidding item and MoF transfer between your own alt hinder gold sellers? You can easily transfer items if you create your own cabal. And what gold sellers? snort

Especially Oleg can only run one :slight_smile: And Hayden is not far behind him with chance, so hardly P2W in this aspect.

well if your level 1 has the same affinity as level 50, then yes, you are right. But while the “level” itself doesn’t affect outstanding, the actual affinity does.

then you are trying wrong thing in the wrong game I’m afraid.

It’s actually very simple. Good things are not bound here. Which means the collective pool of specific drop has to meet the specialists demand (in other words all can drop what only few want). In any system working like this you are not really supposed to get all you want by yourself (hey orthodox soloist in MMOs!).

Now. The other side - economy POW - tells us that if you are about to use (AKA bind in SWL) an item it costs you the free market item value despite how you obtained the item. The common mistake in people minds is “it’s too expensive to buy but if I get the drop myself it’s free” (it’s usually used to justify large spending).

The conclusion: if you want an item that is behind rare drop and you consider it’s current price worth then buy it. When/if it drops you may sell it back 6 months later. If you however want an item behind rare drop and you consider it’s price not worth then you wouldn’t use the dropped one anyway and you would just sell it instead.

Some “layers of RNG” or “only 2% drop chance” and such don’t really matter. You may easily let someone else (or 10 people, or 50 people) pay for red gear and expensive agents and no-life-time and then just collect the item you want.

And if you feel bad about work needed for agent cosmetics imagine Joe Doe who comes to SWL, he needs “the best of the best of the best”, so then he gets misinformed that he “needs” Ashes of Elder Things even when it’s suboptimal for his dreamed BotBotB build and then he learns it only drops from NYR10.

NOW imagine how many layers of whatever he needs to jump over to get useless item which, by manys logic, is unobtainable without already having such item fully leveled :slight_smile:

The skins from the Agent Vanity auto-consume, so they are “bound”, and I have been told the sprints do the same. So, while your point is valid in many aspects of this game, in regards to the Agent system, they are not.

You’ve been told wrong. Sprints are not bound.

It’s more extreme than that. Unless the char meets the player’s minimum visual expectations, they won’t even play the char or the game at all. Art also drives real-$$ vanity sales. If the art and animations are korean-quality (Aion, Tera, Etc), I’ll absolutely pay to skin and skin more than once on a single char. For lesser quality art, my motivation to buy drops off fast and becomes scaled by number of alts, all of whom I just want to “not look bad” or “match their minor backstory/personality”.

My understanding is that you can’t be in multiple cabals, which totally kills off the idea of using a personal cabal for banking unless you’re a die-hard solo player who never wants to join a cabal in game. Kinda odd that a game about secret societies does NOT permit joining multiple (and hiding affiliations). They missed out on some serious player intrigue there, but that’s how it is.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing.

I take it you have never actually bought agent boosters?

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now I know you are not serious :slight_smile:

So back to topic, agents are not bound, which is the point. If everyone had to drop their own agents… with duplicates… phew… that would be horrible. But it’s not so. Even solo players can exchange their solo agents for group content ones. I have all of them and most of them I’ve got from trades for mission ones, one way or another.

Agents and gear acquired from the booster packs are character bound. You can not trade them with others.
The more agents you have acquired from these packs increases you chances of getting a duplicate from them.
The only thing you can do with a duplicate from any of the booster packs - is vendor it back and receive hex coins.

I recently got the SA pack of 5 - i got three agents and two green gear bags
(both bags contained blue utility belts)
I vendored the belts back at a cost of 2 hex coins in return for each, which took my total of hex coins to 8
I then bought a blue gear reward bag from the vendor which cost 8 hex coins - inside was…
A blue utility belt…
Vendored back for 2 hex coins.

Seriously, if i wasn’t laughing so hard at the time i would have cried.


Just to add - i bought another SA agent pack just now and only got one agent
A duplicate of one i already had.
With it being char bound there is absolutely nothing i can do with it except vendor it for 4 hex coins
Yep, I bought another one of those blue agent bag with that and guess what
Utility belt
So all in all Funcom thinks the Agent packs a great way to lighten the load of mofs when you have nothing else to spend them on (heaven have mercy if you used real cash for this i feel for you i really do)
In effect - trading 116,250 mofs = 625 aurum = (4 green crystal balls + 1 agent) = 8 hex coins = 2 more blue gear bags = 2 green belts = 2 hex coins

The TL:DR version is - currently 1 hex coins costs 58,125 mofs

You are havin a laugh Fun-con.
Seriously - if you don’t want that opinion of your company through this manner - i suggest you sort it out ASAP
People have tried to help and suggest with this as many times, burying it only makes it worse, waiting too long to fix the problem or ignoring it will drive people away with a bitter aftertaste. Personally I would advise against buying no more than 1 agent pack - since the return value on duplicates and gear you don’t need, is not really worth it.

Here’s at least one suggestion to alleviate the problem.
Just lift the restriction and make them in the very least be account bound items, and raise the hex coin value of an agent
Even 10 hex coins would suffice per agent, perhaps they would find more people would be willing to spend if things were priced accordingly to their worth.

In this case - Everything is worth what the purchaser will pay for it - If they’re not gonna buy it through public opinion being negative, then they will not buy it.

BTW - if you are using hex coins to buy resources to send agents on missions with, then how are you getting the hex coins? You must be buying the packs to get those and must know that those agents acquired are char bound & give a poor return if they are duplicates. We are all aware of choices being our own.
But buying resources is the worst way to use your mofs, cash, aurum or w/e - since you can get those from missions anyway at absolutely zero cost to you. Not even your time.
I have never ran out and have only accumulated resources.
It really doesn’t seem the wisest of choices to me and worrisome that someone would think it ok to spend in this manner. Spending a lot to receive the least is not something you hear often, if at all, as any type of OK option.
Very odd… Very odd indeed.


No, just pointing out how gameplay design things works and are set. While you are keeping to be fixed on purely P2W aspect. If boosters were not bound it would ruin the market on day 1. It would only make people cry even more about how P2W have all the MoFs in the game because they use CC. While only because they are bound I was able to gather most of them for “free” (that’s how you call it when you only spend time, right?). So that’s good thing for me.

Boosters were the best source of agents and starter gear set in early days even for F2P players so thanks for them. And yes, hexcoins are pretty uselessly implemented. But what? You seem to be fixed on aspects you don’t like and live in misery that FC did is wrong and you are right? Good for you, I guess. It wouldn’t bring any joy to me so I don’t do it. You know, saying it once in the thread they follow, make a proposition how to make it better IMO, and move on. At least I can buy resources for hexcoins, that’s where all of them are going these days.

Things like “ripped off…” seem empty to me. I might not understand the word correctly but to me it was a fully disclosure agreement. I was aware about it BEFORE I bought my first pack. And I could accept or reject it easily. So I assume everyone could. But the guy(s) there seems to be pretty angry about their own decision but blame FC instead. Again, I can only hope he enjoys his own feeling, I wouldn’t. FC knows by now. They will do the decisions only they can. I will do the decisions I can. It’s simple as that.

Agents are obtainable through trade. That’s all that matters now. Everyone who was here 10 weeks ago has no excuse for not having them but their own decisions.

I see no point in blaming FC. You may use Feedback&Suggestion thread if you think you can make the game better and move on, either play with cards you were given or change the game for better.


Hey I agree with you, and I’m just surmising from information I have garnered over the last 10 months :slight_smile: as well as information Funcom have shared. On that basis, I can understand the facility to email items and MOFs being removed from non account related chars, but not sure why we can’t do that account wide because as you said you can share a cabal.

It has not ruined the market in any MMO with a less similar systems, so that’s a claim that you cannot possibly be able to substantiate in any way.

And that’s a blatantly obvious lie, given unbound booster agents would not in fact prevent you from spending time grinding instead.

So you did not actually rely solely on the in-game information Funcom (as usual mostly fail to) provide. Because that tells people the boosters are bound (which is actually ‘MMO-normal’), not that the contents are bound (which is not in fact ‘MMO-normal’).

The very fact Funcom have not bothered to improve in-game information despite complaints about the system suggests possible intent to let casual players make purchases under the wrong assumption booster contents would be tradable (as is common with similar systems in other MMOs), i.e. of a potential intent to rip customers off.

The Hexcoin system seems very likely to have been designed with full intent to rip off, as it would be trivially made more customer friendly by letting people buy an agent of choice. So what on earth could possibly be keeping Funcom from making that change?