Theory of scenarios

Having just qualified for E5 and tried the scenario at that level, I see some refinements of the approach are needed. Mobs have to be drawn away from the survivors and monsters are best stopped before they get to the populated area. The maps seem difficult to read, for example, how do you tell an approach from the side room in the castle (hallway to your right as you face the room from the platform) from one that’s coming from upstairs?

Also in getting attacking mobs to aggro to you and follow you away from the survivors, is it necessary to attack every individual or does the mob move only as a unit.

I seem to be picking up more gun emplacements and survivor-arming items here. Clearly they should be placed covering survivor groups but I wonder if there are maybe other factors involving optimum placement?

Any advice, along these lines or on the general topic greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Generally you are on the right track already. Scenarios are about learning to deal with enemies, special enemies, effects and know the layout of the map. The Sideroom in the castle for example…if it’s in the far right back it comes low if it is in the middle it spawns top but has a habit to split and sent most mobs over the stairs. There is at the end of days a limited amount of stuff scenarios can throw at you and once you know what each can do and how to deal with it scenario will become from doable to piece of cake (most times…some enemies and effects can be tricky)

This may help a bit: Legendary Scenarios for Jinn Grips and Profit Mk II

For your immediate questions, each monster needs to be aggroed seperately, which is why an AoE skill is useful.

It might be useful to zoom in a bit on your minimap for Castle; the orange square somewhat centered in the foyer is upstairs; the one offset in the foyer is downstairs; the one farthest away from the foyer is downstairs; the one just north of the foyer is upstairs but that spawn frequently heads downstairs, so it’s best to intercept directly at the spawn if possible.

That’s a wonderfully comprehensive guide! I found the discussion of interrupts especially useful as I have not done much with those, nor appreciated their importance, but i am getting the idea now. The bear at the mansion tends to be the toughest boss for me, along with the vampire(?) at the castle who throws dozens of bomb AoEs that carpet the floor. Using the stairwell in the later case did the job well with my two ranged attacks. Thanks!

If only one impair is at hand I would argue to interrupt him during his autoattacks instead of Lord of veines. Most people can’t tank the damage from the autoattacks, while if skilled lord of veins is dodgeable.
But I can see why it could be something opinion could be split. Both are reasonable ways to tackle him.

Yeah, it depends on how good you are at dancing. I (usually) stun his regular attacks and his big AoE since I play melee, but sometimes Lord of Veins if I’m in a tight spot. Stuns are fantastic in scenarios when used right.

Great details from everyone, thanks so much! Just soloed my first successful E4 using these techniques.

If anyone would care to say more about the Djinn end boss in Hotel, I’d be grateful, always die once fighting him, and don’t even know what’ s doing it or how to see it coming.

Gratitude for all this excellent instruction!

If I understand correctly there is one AoE I have to get far away from and another that I have to fight from close in. Will try that.

[quote=“withoutscratch, post:10, topic:34448”]Test Gadged or off heal from second weapon.
[/quote] Right now I am using AR primary and Ele secondary. The most effective heal I have found is AR’s Unveil Essence which has the same likelihood as Burst Fire of slotting a grenade. 65%, though it does far less damage. It refreshes quickly, heals a lot and keeps slotting grenades, which, along with Crystallized Flame from Ele, give my biggest dps effect.

Is there something inherently wrong with using a heal off my primary, or with using that AR ability at all, in preference to Burst Fire or Full Auto?

why do you use a power to heal yourself ? Burst Fire is your most damaging skiil and you sacrifice it for a heal intended for group/raid healing ?
Just use your basic heal so you loose little damage while you keep generating energy by critting a single target skill (that crits more then multi), if you have an AR basic (ring) signet you should heal yourself for more then enough.

Something my mentor used to tell me when talking scenario builds: “what is dead, wont kill you”. Healing and mitigation sound nice in theory, but if you dont kill fast enough, then you get overrun. When you get overrun, No amount of healing or mitigation will keep you, and by extention the survivors, alive.

Okay the Jinn.
Three attack as mentioned. Dance out of the small AoE. Least of your issues.

Worth to note that the hug your friends and die, or as I call it the bomb, use a number of small explosions and at the end a big one. So bigger dmg there at the end. As for friends, the will likely be 1hit if they touch your bomb.

The huge donut AoE, is tricky alone, and worse with a friend. Hugging him is not the only option, you can take cover from it too with LoS. In duo this is how you HAVE to do it, since the one with aggro will most likely have the bomb, or soon to get it. That couple with the Jinn seeking melee range, makes it too dangerous for the other person to get close.

Also worth to know, that while he wont cast anything unless he have LoS, the range he will cast at is midranged more than melee. Can be a long dodgeroll to get in for a hug.

Some pull him to the spawn point side of the map, for a shorter run to regrab him should you die.

For the Djinn I recommend the tactic I listed in the post Starsmith linked of kiting him up and down the stairs.

Also the pulse as you call it “Unstable Eruption” has a cast and can be impaired/LoS’d. you can double melee him but you have to impair Unstable if you do. Which works because then the massive doughnut AOE isn’t an issue because you’re already punching him in the face to death.

I melee and the Djinn doesn’t really seem like a problem (I impair the small radius aoe so I don’t have to get out of it), the gun vampire and massive blood aoe vampire and akab are the main bosses that will straight up kill me for meleeing.