There is no door?



So I’m doing a mission with the new content. Jump a wall do a little exploring and I find a keypad locked door on a warehouse looking building. Ooo I wonder what this is?

I was not kept in suspense long. If you walk up to the left side of the door there is a hole in space-time that lets your walk inside the building without needing to actually open it first. Apparently on of the Falsehoods that this proprietor has collected includes false doors?


Can you please be specific about the location? You can use [spoiler] tags to mask your text

[spoiler] text here [/spoiler]

Would appear like this

text here


The building with the glitched door is located just outside the mansion gates.

[spoiler] Later in the quest line One Flew Over a large demon bursts through the door, which is how you’re meant to get proper access to the area. Inside several robed figures are doing some ritual.

The glitch is a sequence break allowing you to walk through the left side of the door at any time. Going to far into the room will trigger the Proprietor of Falsehoods enemy spawn but human type enemies are not spawned and players will need to leave the area and reload it in order to proceed properly. [/spoiler]