They take over places that should be freely accessible


I don’t understand why the creators of the game don’t do anything with the mafias that take over the free locations. There are clans that take over New Asgard and Lake Sulphur. That should be banned. They are places of free access, and one can no longer enter.

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It’s PvP. PvP allows people to be jerks like that.

Nothing you can do about it aside from switching to a different PvP server. Or join one of the clans.

you can report them on official servers i think you report it to funcom not to sure though, you need to provide evidence so screenshots or video, was on one official pvp server where a clan blocked off the starting area from the river it was reported and ended up being taken down, but you would need to look into who you would report it to

This happens on PvE too, and unlike in PvP we don’t even have the option of trying to destroy the offending constructions.


If it’s PvP, then anything goes. You have the ability to destroy their buildings. If they’re too tough for you to beat, then either switch servers, recruit other players, or git gud :crazy_face:


It’s not just PVP. This problem is killing official PVE servers totally.

As much as I sympathize with you regarding jerks who do their best to prevent others from enjoying the game, I’m afraid you’ve a misconception on what’s “freely accessible”. Only the locations relevant to the “main quest” are meant to be accessible for everyone without hindrance. Otherwise the game world is free-for-all to survive, build and dominate. Just because a particular location is the most convenient source of a particular resource doesn’t mean it’s public domain. Competition for resources is part of the game, both in PVP and PVE. Some people just play by Queensberry rules, others go MMA.

Yet others, myself included, choose to play the game in single-player mode. Yeah, I don’t like jerks on my internet so I don’t play over the internet.


Not really much of a competition when one side doesn’t even have the chance to compete for said resources… (In PVE trying to compete for resources against someone who’s been able to wall off access to said resources is like entering a boxing match with both arms tied behind your back… There is no competition if one does not have any way in which to compete. Short of the competition forfeiting the fight you have no way of gaining access to those resources.)

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Привет! Давно играю в Конана но только на pve серверах. Незнаю но проблем с добычей каких либо ресурсов или застройкой наиболее удобных мест или коротких проходов а так же постройки сараев на респаме ресурсов или мобов в конечном счете делают зачастую неопытные игроки как правило они долго не играющие и температурить нестоит за это надо всего лишь набратся терпения и занятся например иследованием мира ведь все ресурсы довольно неплохо продублированы. Гораздо больше раздрожает откровенное вредительство или подласть незнаю как назвать… это когда находишь чюдесное место для своей базы начинаешь строить тебе все в кайф но как то раз заходишь и выясняется что какой то перец воткнул тебе под бок сарай 2х2 фундамента причем хоть сиди в игре сутками владельца чюда не разу невстретишь он будет успещно наслаждатся игрой в другой части мира но а ты страдай что пол твоей усадьбы заблокировано надписью “это место уже занято”

You can’t honestly expect the devs to just give you power to compete, right?

They were there first. They claimed the territory. They have the power to defend it. That makes it theirs, fair and square.

An upstart just joining the server coming in has no rights or claim to that territory, for some sense of “fairness”.

If you can’t beat them, barter with them. Or else go find the resource somewhere else.

As far as I know, legitimately there are only two places in the game, really, where a resource is only mostly found in a single area.

Those, I will admit, should be open to the public. Because there is just no reason any one clan should be able to claim ownership of the resource.

That being Hanuman’s Grotto down near the southern river, because it’s the primary place to obtain crystals, which you can’t really get elsewhere in large supply.

The second is the Silver Mine near the Jawbone, as that is largely the only place to reliably farm for silver.

Neither of those should be allowed to be walled off.

[quote=“Crysis, post:10, topic:78921”]
You can’t honestly expect the devs to just give you power to compete, right?

They were there first. They claimed the territory. They have the power to defend it. That makes it theirs, fair and square.
[/quote] Defend it from what? In PvE other players simply do not have the option of attacking their territory… So there is no real way to contest it when “they were there first” and happen to have everything… The only real thing stopping some alpha clan from claiming everything on a server in PvE is a lack of patience on their part, and the amount of lag there would be from claiming all the land that isn’t already claimed.

We are discussing the extremes here… (Such as entire cities being walled off with no repercussions because there is nothing that the players doing the building really need to defend against once they’ve established a perimeter…) Granted there are purges… but those are infrequent and buggy enough that they pose no real threat to a dedicated troll.

Assuming that the resources in question even spawn somewhere else in cases where the person isn’t willing to barter, or is the kind of troll that only logs on for five minutes or so to refresh decay before poofing away again. (And also, thralls are a resource.)

There should at least be some recourse on PvE servers for dealing with the extreme cases… (By extreme I mean people blocking access to the Volcano by any means other than the obelisk, or walling off New Asgarth, or other obnoxious constructions that go so far above and beyond to the detriment of other players… (Such as walling in the bases of players while they’re logged out… so they can’t leave their base.)

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When you say take over you mean build inside or around it? If around it PvP just burn them out with oil and fire, PvEC, PvE sadly its life. Get like minded people like I did and seal off land claim spots but still allow access to others and maintain them for others to enjoy the game.

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In other words you mean that the gameplay structure should be designed so that no one can monopolise any of the official servers.

Re: crystals - there are two crystal rich cave systems. (One with Imps and one with spiders)
Re: silver - there’s at least two locations … inside the crevice/dagon’s eye (I think it is) and silver mine nearer Sepermeru. Silver-veined rocknose also produce silver … and if the silver mines are blocked then you can pick up silver and gold in small quantities from the buccaneers bay chests so you can buy rocknose eggs.

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At the very least no monopoly should be unbreakable.

Best one is such that isn’t formed, but what everyone aims at I wager. Tho what you say is true as well. For balance reasons (and especially customer based), there has to be a built in way to take down monopolised servers. Not necessarily a player-directed feature, but a feature or a set of features nonetheless. What I have heard so far is that the breakpoint is beyond reach, so it needs to come closer.

If it’s PvP, then you 100% have the ability to get rid of any base, anywhere. As long as the said clan farms up a god defense ever day and a half and has a well built base, you can destroy it. But, even if they farm up god defense every day and a half, they’re just wasting so much time that you can walk away with a win knowing that they’re 40 years old living in their mom’s basement with no job. And if they do farm up god defense every day, eventually they’ll get bored and leave the server.

In PvE, then the way I see it, it’s still your fault. You could have picked pvp but you didn’t because you didn’t want to risk losing your stuff. Well, there’s no reason for them to be able to lose their stuff either. Switch servers if you’re on PvE.

How would you feel about a special obelisk type object that can be built that protects buildings within range from accelerated decay?

Accelerated decay could be be something like a 72 hour cap(debatable) for any building without this object in range. The obelisk would bring any building within range up to the full decay timer. This proposed object would function similar to a god bubble and possibly would have to be maintained by feeding it some resource to keep its effects going.

I am only proposing this for PVE but could be interesting in PVP as well.

I’m fine with anything basically, as long as they have unique tendencies and balanced behaviour patterns. The more each feature feels like a copy of another, the more they lack personality. To bring each feature’s potential to the table, they need to be thoroughly thought.

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