Things that should be containers

1 Slot

  • Ceramic Jar
  • Tea Pot

5 Slots

  • Earthenware Jug
  • Ceramic Jug
  • Ornate ceramic jug
  • Stygian Earthenware Jug
  • Stygian Metal Jug
  • Iron Jug
  • Iron Tankard
  • Iron Pitcher
  • Iron Decanter
  • Bed (Not the folded one!)
  • Bed - Stygian

10 Slots

  • Large Earthenware Jug
  • Iron Pot
  • Cauldron
  • Small Barrel
  • Double Bed

20 Slots

  • Ale Keg
  • Barrel

40 Slots

  • Cage
  • Darfari Cage

80 Slots

  • Large Cage

Ale kegs, yes! I built a bunch of them, thinking they could be used to, I dunno…store ale? But no, apparently they’re decorative.


Yesss!!! Cages should be used to store thralls. Maybe even “wild” thralls waiting for an empty slot in my wheel of pain. There must be some limit of course: only one or two NPCs for each cage, and it should decay much faster when they sit inside and try to break free. At last all of them should escape if you leave them inside for too long - just as food spoils and disappears. But having a little place to store future thralls for some half an hour would be very handy. As for various plates and cups -look at the Emberlight mod! You can put some food into a dish standing on your table and you will see this dish full of this food - it looks great for roleplaying.


My clan-mate once brought back a knocked out thrall and put him into a room for until the wheel had a free space… there was one nearly finished and he didn’t want to lose either.
He then had to knock the thrall out again when he opened the door.


Think I need to refactor my thrall base design.
I have never had a thrall wake up, and assumed they despawned.

I build everything with a circular base and by adding another ring to my thrall base I could use that as a tunnel to leave thralls when the wheel is full. Perhaps with windows so I can just shoot them with the concussive ammo.
Or just keep a fighter thrall in there with a truncheon.

I’m on Xbox so mods are out of the question, but I agree unbroken thralls should definitely be allowed to be placed in a cage.
Perhaps require food at the same rate as a wheel of pain to mimic them not starving to death.


You know, I just thought about some special container for unused “tamed” thralls. Something like a long sleeping platform with bedrolls and some sleeping people on it. It would be nice for roleplaying too )))

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You could just add a thrall slot to beds to be honest. I think that would be easier for the devs too.
And you would have more freedom when it comes to placement instead of one big thing.

There’s also a lot of requests to assign thralls to things they won’t work on just to give a bit more life to your settlement.
Again, that would give you more freedom in your building creations.

E.g. I always put chairs next to workbenches and beds in my worker buildings so it looks like someone not only works, but lives there. Those chairs and beds could store your alternate blacksmiths or whatever.

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