Thinking of buying the game, but need some information

As the title says, curious at how many bugs/gamebreaking bugs are in the game currently, as i’ve heard this game can be quite buggy.

its the only thing thats stopping me atm. so if possible, could you list the problems that currently plague the game please.

In order to answer this question, we need a bit more information: do you prefer pve, rp, casual pvp or competitive pvp.

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It would be quicker to name the things that are not bugged.

. . . I’ll let you know if I manage to think of any

Like any other game I played before.

Obviously that depends what’s your tolerance limit.

For example if you want to play PvE or PvE-Conflict there are a couple of bug you have to know because it require a workaround to play in peace without nasty surprises:

  • When you have a follower with a weapon and the follower is working (so it Attacks when you attack etc.) never change his weapon, because switching weapons on your thralls sometime make the AI to stop fighting.

  • When you logout first be sure to be at least 3 foundation space far from extern walls of your home and place your equipment in a chest. This to avoid some semi-exploiting attack tactics from other players and a random bug had few people lost their inventory.

If you’re interested to play PvP I can’t help you very much because I do not play it, the problem there is to avoid exploits used by cheaters.

Sadly like in many other games there are a lot.


The forum doesn’t really allow spreading of exploits, but they are numerous. Undermeshing, hiding god tokens, duping, pvp glitches, and generally “not terrible” AI but not great either. All that said, the game is still addictively fun (most of the time).


We do PvE on an official vanilla sever. Its great for what we use it for.
We plan never to finish the game, just live, and let die.

We dont use thralls for anything but base defense. We lost 4 greater hyenas and 2 sabertooth tigers to a purge a few days ago. That was pod racing. There were three 3 skull rock beasts. The Mrs died 4 times.
Replacing those 6 with 6 greater sabertooths, come on back top level purges any time…

Yeah we like it fine

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Agree with @Ranson. These are issues mostly causing problems on official pvp servers. If you want to play competitive pvp, private servers with good admins are the way to go but if you decide to play pve or pve-c and as long as you follow the advice given by @Born2bAlive, you will hardly face any game breaking bugs.


Seen lots of reports of grief building on PvE servers and seemingly few options to combat it.

We are talking about bugs not people being a**holes. Nowadays you can hardly find a game with decent community and as long as you are playing an online game with other people, you will have to deal with the good ones and bad ones. If you are too sensitive and/or cant handle dealing with the bad ones, Conan Exiles offers a single player mode as well as the option to host your own private server.

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well I was actually referring to people building inside your land claim. I tend to brush past them since I can’t usually offer much help with resolving PvE situations like that but I do recall some screenshots that looked like not legal placements. If I tried it, it would say “land already claimed”

i intend to play Pure PVE and on my own dedicated server with a few friends,

i understand there is a co op/singleplayer option, but i also know that there is a leash mechanic, which i truely find terrible on any game that requires a fair bit of resource grinding.

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PVE private server? Just go for it :+1:t3:


private server on pc with friends is as good as it would get. even if you lose sth to a bug which can happen in any game, you can just replace it via the admin module. you have access to a great amount of mods as well which can enhance the areas you feel vanilla is lacking.


The “bugs” that are present would not discourage me from purchasing this game again.


Honestly, I would be more concerned with Funcom nerfing everything (regardless of how it affects PVE) to appease the PVP crowd than the bugs.


Don’t recall running across any that make the game downright unplayable. Ran into plenty of bugs, sure. A few of them that reach annoying, and many of those have work arounds. For example, not being able to hit things on the ground. Just slap down a bedroll and kill yourself. Problem solved for the rest of that session. Annoying, but you only have to do it once a session if it comes up and there is a way to check for it the moment you get logged in to your character, which avoids discovering the bug is active at an inopportune time.

None that hit can’t play frustrating though. The game is fun, it’s playable, kinda buggy but I’ve seen worse. (A lot worse.) Definitely worth a buy IMO.


My server just got completely wiped by a clan that was using a bug to duplicate god tokens and to preserve them indefinitely.

Don’t buy the game until funcom fixes duping.

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OP intends to play pure PVE on a private server. Duping on PvP officials won’t affect them at all.


If you intend to run your own PvE server and you dislike the grinding resource mechanics don’t worry, it’s the perfect solution because you’ll be able to change normal resource gathered multiplier and totally avoid this thing you dislike.

In general for me it depends, when I’m in the mood, I find resource grinding relaxing :slight_smile:


I play SP with x1 rates but use a couple of mods modelling “my own clan” :wink: It’s an old but still working mod Conscripts - they bring wood, stone, iron, hides, black ice etc. for me in exchange for steel and leather one needs to repair tools and some food of course. The second is Better Thralls: I just gather party of three or four followers and head off to kick ■■■■■ :laughing: Everything quite honest - if I played with some friends on a dedicated server it would be the same without those mods. I like this game: building, getting loot, crafting, decorating. I’ve got it as a present but bought all the DLCs myself. I’m not a Conan fan but I love open world with realistic graphics - some kind of realistic Minecraft.