I've not quitting, I'll be back sometime

I hate to say it but I don’t see things getting any better. The game is in a nearly unplayable state due to bugs, duping, and the lack of fixing the servers that are full of previously duped items and other issues. Ive tried helping the devs by posting videos of the bugs in action and how to reproduce them with little to no response.
There is a huge issue with the patches and hotfixes as well where it either makes the issue worse, doesn’t fix it or only partly, or creates entirely new game breaking bugs. They do not test the game before releasing a ‘fix’ that’s fairly obvious now and they use the playerbase as a testing grounds.
To put everything simply this is a poorly coded game seemingly with tape holding it together. Im glad I got this game for free and haven’t spent a dime on dlc. I cannot imagine spending a year trying to play this game in such an unfunctional state. Don’t get me wrong I love the vision the game was trying to achieve and without the constant issues it would be one of my favorite games. Maybe it wasn’t always this way, but as it is I won’t be playing until I see some improvements.
I wanna know how you guys on the forums feel and what your thoughts are on the state of the game as well so leave a comment.


Then play solo, stop whining about Online… Everyone knows Online servers are awful, that’s why a lot of players have migrated to Solo.

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I feel your pain on the duping. I gave up on the official PVP servers. Until they get a handle on the bugs, i’m happy with PVE-C. Overall I love the game and experience few bugs and glitches, and the minor ones dont even bother me. In my opinion its in a VERY playable state.


Then you’re not stuck on a pro system :frowning:

Edit: More like a builders toleratble state!

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Even solo is awful and broken, to say I’m whining is just ignoring the major issues. But I would like to know your thoughts on the state of the game if you care to share?

I found bugs that made me have to logout during building while offline. The camera would stop following me or go off center of the player to the point I had to reset. There are many more issues in every form of Conan Exiles be it PVE PVE-C or PVP that break the game. And I cannot share all of the issues as I haven’t seen some reported that will further break PVP.

My suggestion is you try private servers, bugs are there too, but community is another story… I’ve never been in officials so I can’t tell, but by the posts people make here, I’m sure you will notice the change for good. Bugs are the bane of this game, but then if it ran smooth, it could also be a problem, because there’d be no way to keep people off playing. :blush:

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Make game unplayable on the official servers due to lack of policing
Noone left playing on the offical servers
Since noone plays there we will cease paying for them


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I’m used to having to retrieve my body from dark souls, so now it’s just Conan themed.

I’ve been around since alpha, all bugs, glitches and meshes. It’s been a long road, but miles better than before.

I don’t compare this game to others, itd be unfair. But for my money, this title allows me a place to unwind, with minimal bugs on my end through Xbox.

Sorry your experience has not been better. Come back in a few months if you need a break, we will still be here ready to help.


As you can see, some people have problems with the game and some don’t. I’ve been saying that since the problems started for me in early access when they did the huge update two weeks prior to full release. Aside from the known bugs then, the game ran quite well. Not so much since the update. I’ve hardly played since then and have made multiple posts on the problems as well as researched them until I was blue in the face.
Sadly, a lot of the problems have fallen on deaf ears where Funcom is concerned and most of the people on the forums that take note of a post will tell you that you’re whining, have a crap PC, the problem is all your computer even though it’s proven not to be, or you don’t know what you’re talking about even though some of us have way above average PC knowledge and experience.
I get that some of them can’t get their minds wrapped around the fact that some people have a lot of trouble with the game and some don’t. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen in around 20 years of gaming on PC and CE is the only game I’ve ever had these types of issues with and, in fact, is the only game I have problems with at all on my gaming rig.
The game, for me and the people I game with, has been in a horrible state since that update over a year ago. I watch the forums and fire the game up mostly when there’s a new patch to see if the game’s been made solid, but with each patch there’s been old problems recurring, new problems popping up, and very little gets fixed in the long run. The vast majority of the hours I put in the game were during early access.
So I get your frustration and when a couple upcoming games get released, I’ll likely just delete CE to make room on my SSD for the new ones if it hasn’t been improved by then. It’s sad because I fell in love with the concept of CE when I bought it in early access and have been a fan of Robert E. Howard since I was a kid. Lesson learned…I’ll never get a game in early access again.

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You need to keep in mind the bugs you’re complaining about are soley yours… Not eveyone has the same bugs, so saying the game is awful because YOU’RE having issues, is bulls##t.

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I have to agree with you on the behavior of people on public servers, but you have to realize that it is not just in this game, it is all over the internet. So, in a way you are blaming the game for the social behavior of people whose population, overwhelmingly, are bereft of social graces to begin with. And being that it is a globally played game, you get the worst that many different countries have to offer. So remember, duping, exploiting and flat out cheating are common in different games and different genres…and I daresay are common to certain parts of the world as well. I know that sounds a little bigoted, but I have been around PC gaming since C64 and see a thing or two (kind of like that insurance commercial).

The solution to all this: play on a private server with friends, or better yet make some friends in this game and play with them on a private server. I have like two friends that actually play PC games, so many of my PC gaming buddies are from my cyber travels, so to speak. You can also play CoOp or Solo. I actually have a very nice Co Op game going (yes, yes, tethering, whatever) with my daughter. I would rather have her playing a PC game with me than playing Fortnight with some 45 year old sicko pervert posing as a 11 year old girl. Anyway, I digress.

Yes, for sure I am disappointed in fixes, in that they cause additional problems. As long as the developers do their darnedest to fix what they broke, eventually they do get it fixed, albeit maybe not in a timely fashion. Right now, I am getting very frustrated in that the music is now broken. I can only take so much cathartic silence every weeknight, fix it Funcom please!!!

Then there are the poor decision making fixes (or should I say breaks). Thrall and pet feeding. Omg, fix it, fix it, to the way it is supposed to be. Not this dumbed down junk. All that work to make thrall pots, feed boxes and timed consumption. Jeez, it was better when it was not working correctly, rather than the way it works now. Basically, it is just injecting them with buff drugs (grilled steak) if they are going into combat and that is it. Great feeding system, yep, bad decision making, I suspect they figured out that it was too hard to fix the way it was supposed to be. Anyway, I digress again.

To get back to the point, the game is pretty good or I wouldn’t be playing it. Yes, there are some very sore spots though and there are ways to get around most of them and for the things you can not get around, you just have to decide whether they are worth tolerating in order to enjoy this game.

PS: For the Funcom representatives who read this- Music and the Thrall/Pet Feeding system need to be top priority for fixes (and think about working some weekends, that European work week just isn’t cutting it), I am sure you already know that.


I have no problems at all sure some things are laggy but that’s expected with a no limit building game

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The game have some problems and bugs.
But it’s not the only game I’m playing / I played before.
I’ve seen better states and worse states, this is the first game where I see things are doing better after each patch and players are heard.


I want to thank everyone for your input into the topic and I respect all your opinions although I may disagree with some. I have never seen these issues in any other title either and even though I can consistently reproduce some issues with video evidence, some say these issues are purely my own. I will try this game again in a few months down the line and hopefully have the a better experience. Thank you all again and feel free to continue to express your opinions, rants, or graces on the game here.

This isn’t an entirely accurate statement. If you research the plethora of forum posts and bug reports, you’ll see that the OP isn’t the only one having the issues he’s listed. You’ll also see a laundry list of other issues many other people have had and are having with this game.
That said, if he is saying the game is awful because of the problems he, and clearly many others are having, it’s simply his opinion based on his experience and he’s not 100% wrong. Well made games play well across all sorts of different builds and platforms. Conan Exiles does not and that’s not being mean, it’s just the way it is.
So calling his statement b.s. is a quite short sighted and uninformed reply. Instead of saying that, perhaps you should just count yourself lucky that you’re not among the many that do have problems with this game.


Okay…well, I can see that you have a rather unique point of view, skewed as it is, and I completely disagree with your logic and the unnecessarily rude and condescending way you’ve delivered it.

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I’m not a snowflake, but you’re triggering me so I am going to go watch some puppy videos.


Funcom likes to “unlist” posts by unsatisfied customers that point out the game’s flaws.