This game should be ported to console

As the title says I believe this game would do great on console. I understand that alot of time and recourse are going into Conan Exiles right now, but I believe that if this got a port to console it would do amazingly well. Right now the only MMOs on console are either JMMORPG style or ESO which (for some people) either arent their taste or get old quickly. I played AOC quite a bit on PC and loved the game. The conan universe is amazing, the playstyle and class system we were also great. This port would also bring a Conan game to those who arent in favor of Conan Exiles but desperately want the Conan Experience. I understand that it would probably take alot of time, effort, and community support but I think it would be well worth it.

It’s not possible to port this game on consoles.


Not enough buttons on console

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Even if it couldn’t be directly ported and it took a rework from the ground up to make it compatable I still think itd be worth it.

I would try AoC out on console. Back in the day I loved it on PC. I played Final Fantasy XIV on PS4, so I see no technical reason why AoC could not be ported. In fact I remember when Funcom was considering porting to the Xbox.

If you remember that, you should remember they found it to not be feasible to try and port their game engine.

I would rather see resources used for new content then porting to a different platform. One can dream


I’d rather see them focus on AoC on PC and Exiles for Console! :slight_smile: