Will age of Conan be coming to the new consoles?

With WoW potentially coming to console at the end of next year , will aoc do the same ?

I believe these new consoles have keyboard and mouse .

This game was also released at a bad time, never really took off. Alot of people had a PC that couldn’t handle the game, and just over a year of 4k ping spikes, alot of people were turned off of a great game. This game was wonderfully balanced ( at least when I played from launch to tier 4 ? Just after the first expansion) PvP was amazing, and the PvE was fun.

Would love to see funcom re-release this game and try to get it going again.


Age of Conan has it’s own forum. This is the Conan Exiles forum. As for Age of Conan, a 12 your old MMO with only 3 servers last time I looked, the chances of it porting to any console is slim to none. It was originally supposed to launch on XBOX as well as Windows but that never happened. I would highly doubt that it will ever be seen on a next gen console. Now, if you are asking bout Conan Exiles then, I have no idea. Only the staff at Funcom can answer that question.

Edit: Link to the Age of Conan forum. here

Oops weird it showed up in Conan exiles, as I was in the age of Conan page …

No it will never come to consoles because Funcom does only barely maintain the game nowadays.

I doubt AoC would be coming to consoles, not just because it’s hardly supported these days, it would have one, maybe two massive MMOs to compete with, it already has Final Fantasy XIV to compete with on consoles, which is very likely to overtake WoW, and then there’s the potential of WoW coming to consoles.

Any old, barely supported MMO ported to console would be dead on arrival with those two as competition.

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