How about adding this game to be a free to play on Ps4?

This game would skyrocket on consoles. Few free to play RPGs on consoles. I see a market hungry with fans for this game. I see Funcom making loads of money.

I see Funcom not putting any effort into this game, which means, no consoles.


I see cash,cash and huge cash if this was for consoles. Look how much was made on exiles. People want more Conan games for consoles.

It was originally supposed to be on Xbox I think sometime after launch but was abandoned.

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If it came to ps4, there be such a huge support.

This sound like a nightmare. I cant imagine mapping everything onto a controller that has 13 buttons. I have 14 different melee combos keymapped on my barb. Not to mention 4 directional attacks, 11 abilities, and 2 potions (hp/stam). This is only counting what I have bound to keys able to press in a millisecond during pvp. Not including sprint + jump and the keys combinations I use to swap weapons and swap pages of combos/abilities

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I heard this cry before. It is not that hard. Options menu. You could Map it easy. All buttons skills. Hold L2 or R2 to switch between skills. L3 for movement. R3 for camera. Hold L1 to Zoom in/out. Touch menu for Map. Boom easy. The pads fors items.

I would suggest using a dance dance pad to extend ability mapping and keep your controller to aim and white hits.


I think it would be a great idea, cause PS4 controllers have all the triggers needed in this game. Of course it’s not 100 % alike PC gaming, but I play PS4 a lot, and would be totally in it.

I agree. there is a mod to play WOW with controller, and ESO works fine with controller.