This is getting old

Oh my… I don’t think I’ve had such serious desync ever. Usually would be due to my internet connection behaving badly, making the ping rise to high figures. I can’t see how you even load and play the game like that… I feel bad for you. At such a point, I’d disconnect and turn off the game. If you can’t play, its not a game anymore.

I’m stuck on 1930 cause my partner is US, ping is always an issue but this is a new low since the patch, the ping isn’t actually that bad, at least its not as bad as it has been, its been ‘playable’ but since the patch this is pointless. Its just a joke, I cant even mule stuff now for her, let alone do combat, its beyond the pale.

If anyone from Funcom actually want to comment on this, any reason why I can move if I literally dodge everywhere?

I’ve heard issue happens to more people too. I (from EU) play usually on US servers without much problems, ping never higher than 160-190, and it’s manageable. I think the issue may be something else than server location. I hope it gets better soon, that video is… disheartening.

It seens latest patch exacerbated performance issues, they mentioned a performance patch coming to testlive this week. Hopefully it will fix those.

Can’t funcom release patches separately from bugged fixes rather than doing all in one go.

Another day, another crap day.

Looks like you suffering packet loss, could be happening anywhere along internet hops. Spend some time and do some research on how to find out where this loss is happening. Or you can come here and whine, your choice.

I literally 5mins ago got stuck on a bridge and have had this rubber banding effect ever since… :weary:

Come play on a real server with daily reboots and hits 70 players all the time. We are based out of Canada so EU players get a great ping.

For pc they can but harder for the tvgames boxes, on them its more complicaded.

I may have an answer to part of the problem you are having bro. I’ve seen similar lag on ps4 though it wasn’t the patch that was causing the issue.

Often times players build massive bases that take a great deal of time to render in. Even with the recent changes made to how things render these bases can stack up loads of problems for a server even when they are partially smashed. If the server has a large deal of clutter then that is likely causing part of the problem.

Another thing known to cause serious lag such as this is a large number of thralls/animals around. Though this is much more easily fixed.

If neither of these things are present then someone could be dosing your server since its on pc or dosing the cluster. It is unfrotunate that such things happen and rather childish but very common. I do hope i was able to help you in some manner.

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