This is the Kingdom of Ruins in the Age of Calamitous

We are a very diverse 60 lot server with active players from all over the globe with experience in Conan Exiles ranging from two years to two days. We run a great mod list of the best and most supported content from the Steam Workshop. Harvest x5. All & 7 factions are blessed with safe zones as their own epicenters of peace but chaos reigns beyond their hallowed walls. We are looking for builders, survivors, spies, scavengers, heroes, barbarians and vagrants’ intent on lending their own mark and vision to the map and community. PvP/PvE
This is the Kingdom of Ruins in the Age of Calamitous… The elite Covenant of Elves Competes for territory with the Chessmen in lush northern steppes. The Felgarth, Vanghoul, Arkanvail struggle for relevance in the North Western forests. While the puppet master of Storm hold strives to string the splintered remnants into The Northern Pact. With the stage set, alliances will be broken. persistence and perseverance is must. War is inevitable. Dominance is the only goal.
DiscordContact: Kingdoms of Ruins: ShamuelJackson#2201 or HICKXKUSH#4692
Server: Kingdom of Ruins
IP: (Query Port: 28815)