This is what A PVE/PVP player thinks about PVP players

So you kept attacking, naming the PvE community, for almost everything that has been changed in the game PvE got the blame…You kept assuming that you know what we think about the PvP side.

Well i think it is time to find what a PvE/PvP player really thinks about you. Surprise!! This might get me suspended again, but really who cares after all the things i have read the past couple months…

80% of the PvP players that remained on official servers and have not moved to private pvp server are nothing but…

Cheaters - Exploiters - Filthy maggots that do not seek anything else then intervene in someone elses private space and transform a game into basicly nothing.

The rest 20% are new players or the only SKILLED players left on the officials. I wonder how many of them have a personal Therapist :partying_face:

Remember this! Undermeshing fully functional on both maps will uncover more of these “mushroms after the rain” cry babies.

Edit: I am speaking for myself and not the entirety of the PvE community.


Just to contribute my grain of sand here I have always play on official servers because vast majority of unofficial servers admin abuse is a way more bitter defeat than losing to someone cheating!

And no I’m not a cheater or exploiter, I play on official because is a tougher game play and yes sometimes is stressful but you get tough or you die trying ! And I would say sure there are cheaters and exploiters on official but they are only a handful and they are mainly from 1 region in particular (we all know what I mean) and just 1 or 2 groups lead by YouTubers that can’t play for S&*%$ that need to cheat to gain an advantage and play god ! The majority of players I have met on official are tough honest bastards that try to make it on the harsh lands of conan !

There’s a few sitting around with popcorn waiting for certain replies, but…


I was really hoping that, against all odds, this was going to be a civil post expressing our frustration with certain PVP players’ behavior on the forums, and maybe even start a healthy discussion about how Conan Exiles isn’t really meant to be a competitive fighting game.

Shows just how much of an idiot I can be.

@Coty, I say this not as a personal attack, but as someone who often agrees with you: there’s enough toxicity on the forums already. Don’t sink down to that level, dude.


Don’t worry :slight_smile: i’ll be gone from forums for the good of my own mental health. I have another open topic that i have to finish and then i am done. I outta here…

Well, for what it’s worth, I’ll miss you if that happens. We don’t always agree, but you’re okay :wink:

You don’t get to say this…

I know who and what you are. We had our doings in the past that were left unfinished…Time passes, we adapt.

Clearly you do not. And you might be the best example for this topic, but i’ll shut up…and leave you all lot be. :wink:

After all for each and everyone of us PvP means something different.

Edit: Enough naming and shaming. Thank you Codemage.

such an angry dude, you might remember me but i don’t remember you! you clearly don’t adapt either and you sound salty for some unknown reason. you accused players on official servers of cheating without any base or proof or anything and that is not an accurate representation of players on official servers! anyways live your world and reality as you see fit and judging from all your other post you are a very contrary person

You cant start a Dennis Douthett Fanclub and just leave, it is against the TOS.

We forgive, but we do not forget! Dude i Was waiting for you here(or steam back then) on forums for 4 years…

I have come to know you back in 2017, shortly(maybe a couple months), it was more then enough. Oh, i Adapted… a lot more then you.

I camed back to these forums in sept’20 for game not working anymore. You camed here to complain about exploit fixes.

I Do not handle good garbage.

Because i started to give the developers more Credit for their work. Thank you for reading my topics/replys.

You really need to be blind in order to not see what has or had to be changed/fixed/reworked/balanced…
There are more serious issues that need fixing, how about you let the devs know in time what you want.

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I have never played pve as I would be bored soon after I’m built up then left with nothing to do. I have just returned to the game for the update, in pvp, I was here for the 100% arrow pen glitch the pork booster glitch and the horse pen glitch never used them as I am a natural farmer in these games, but it was fun taking out the ones that did the hardest one was the 100% arrow pen 1 to 2 shots you dead, died alot that day lost alot of thralls but learned how to counter it. After the grind this games leaves little left to do other then pvp with others. Pve gets boring real fast couldnt do it.

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