This silencing is getting ridiculous

This silencing about duping it’s getting out of hand, just admit it that your game is completely broken and by the time you’ll fix it 50% of your player base and game budget will be already gone. You fixed the duping in a patch and there comes 1-2 weeks later pretty much the same duping method by easier and you are ignoring it like you always do. Wake up to reality and give your playerbase what it wants. You got the possibility to do it and you will get more money to invest back in to the game and become a bigger company. If i am wrong, that you don’t have people providing you enough evidence for bugs, duping systems and undermesh locations you can just look it up on youtube, A SINGLE PERSON of your team can look it up and ask your community what’s your opinion on it and if they got any tip. For example these last 2 duping systems are both because of the new building system, simpler it would’ve just been to listen to us like we told you in the first week of the bug that you should put all hotbar placeables into the hammer but NO, decide to not listen to your whole community and ignore us, let’s see how your game will survive in the coming months if you continue like this.
Even tho I am a pvp player and pvp will be dead really soon but that won’t be a problem cuz everybody hates us anyway but the duping also kills pve because it completely lags out the server if the dupers try to. DO BETTER


Funcom doesn’t care m8, put several tickets with proof about dupers and they responded a month later asking for further proof , this is hopeless.


Communication with the costumers buying their products is nonexistent


Silencing feels like we are not being heard not even something that says hey we are working on it absolute silence till we finally get a hotfix which only fixed some methods off duping how do they expect people to buy something in the bazaar or the battle pass when the game is unplayable. Not only for pvp but pve is getting out of hand too with unlimited building materials reset every server say you messed up let us keep our levels and that is the ONLY way you can fix it no stashes nothing a complete do over where you only keep the recipes you farmed nothing more nothing less.

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Maybe put this under bug reports. Not being derogatory have plenty of problems on our servers ot to mention official. @cyosth good luck to you for all of us.

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May be it is not so easy to fix …

This update 3.0 bring too much changes at the same time, then too much problems.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “silencing”… Like, you’re here… posting :smiley:

If you’re referring to threads getting locked and unlisted that contain links to exploit tutorials, well that’s just common sense… Even if an exploit is “public knowledge”… the world is a big place… and there WILL be a ton of people who haven’t heard about it… and you’re essentially advertising it on a public forum…

So what happens then?.. Random Joe who lives under a rock comes along… sees your post and is gonna be like “Wait… there’s an exploit? Cool!!! Let’s try it…” and then you’re gonna be the one back here tomorrow complaining about them too…

That’s why it’s common sense to notify devs of exploits privately and silently… and not beat on the giant drum for the whole world…
There is this misconception that if you raise awareness to a bug, it’s gonna be fixed sooner… Bullsh*t :smiley: That’s just what content creators say to get likes on youtube…

Truth is… developers generally don’t want bugs in their games… so as soon as they even get a hint of it… they will TRY to work on it… in their allotted worktime… in the context of the pre-planned update schedule… and considering all the other bugs and their internal priority list.

You can make all the posts you want… that is not going to either speed it up or slow it down… what it WILL do is raise more and more awareness, causing more and more people to use the exploit… essentially scrwing yourself since you’re the one who’s gonna get stuck with all the duped bombs and stuff.
If you and every of the raging people all kept quiet about it and reported it to Zendesk / community staff silently, like you’re intended to do… then you would be facing a much less annoying situation and it still wouldn’t be any longer till it’s fixed.

They’re aware… they’re not blind… heck… I think even each of their grandmas are aware by now… they still work on a schedule because it’s a job like any other…

I’m sorry… but I just can’t see the PvP crowd (which is the only crowd affected by this… and only on official servers… so what? like… 1-2k players?) spending so big on DLCs and Bazaar stuff to somehow affect Funcom financially in any way shape of form…

Now… don’t take this the wrong way… I AM aware that the game has a bunch of bugs and I am not defending the devs for releasing it like that way ahead of time… I am merely saying that ragings like this are absolutely pointless and I’m also pointing out that you’re all self-sabotaging by posting about exploits whether you realize it or not… but yes, the game still has a bunch of bugs and I agree that it would be much better if it wasn’t… and even better if executives in charge wouldn’t force release dates on devs that are sooner than when the game is actually ready…


got videos of dupers, speedhackers, multiple from the same, still no replies.

Games as a service.

do you feel serviced?


They have known about the exploit and taken an inordinate amount of time to fix it, I gave them a detailed explanation as soon as it was discovered and they told me “We are aware of this issue and we are now preparing the update for release soon.”

it has not been soon.


Yea I agree with that! The fix should’ve been more urgent if they choose to run PvP servers. But even this confirms what I said above, that this is not an issue of them not being aware, they’re just slow to roll out updates and in the meantime advertising exploits as much as possible isn’t quite as helpful as people seem to think and I really don’t think it makes any difference on how soon fixes will roll out.


I don’t think exploits need to be advertised, I would say about 40 percent were ignorant on my server three days ago, 5% today, when dupers are raiding everyones base and its being spoken in global and people see T3 bases go up instantly its pretty obvious.

Like there is a window I would like to give funcom, I literally said, please get ahead of this one before it is common knowledge, well now it is common knowledge again.


Ofc, obviously you can’t keep stuff like this on the low.
However every little bit counts and I’m pretty sure there are quite a few who weren’t aware till they saw a forum post or a youtube video or something about it.
And when Funcom isn’t doing periodic pvp wipes and all that gets stockpiled then I think every single one matters. I’m sure there are a bunch who keep it on the low and don’t raid people using this now and instead they just use it to stockpile endless materials for later

if anything at this point with the rates people are being wiped, I don’t even care, people should know, if your base is being wiped by dupe bombs, fix with dupe mats.

even playing field, because funcom can’t provide that.

I also have supported wiping servers when the dupes are fixed, but they have to keep changing the building system every 6 months to introduce an untested dupe machine.

Idk, I guess… If I were them I’d try to do some sort of selective wiping to make it more targeted towards duped materials after these fixes, but I’m not them :slight_smile:
I do wish they used the Announcements section a bit more often though even if they turn off comments on them, and not just for this topic, but in general a bit more communication about stuff.

problem with selective wiping say I built my base with mats I looted fairly but were duped ? that and there is no way I think they have a system they can actively track duped mats, maybe they could log check to see if a clan has been duping but I doubt there are item ID tracers.

Most the ppl who built with legit farm are already wiped on most official servers by the dupers. Just need to do a full wipe tbh.

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I don’t think it would matter or that it would have to be that accurate. If you built it into a building already… it’s whatever, we’re not after that kind of quantities and you’re not going to blow up anything with shaped wood and steel reinforcements. If your building gets too big they’ll report you anyway and you’ll get admin wiped :stuck_out_tongue: But they could still get rid of the majority of duped and stockpiled stuff without having too much collateral damage.
Can just take a pre-exploit DB backup and compare and if some player suddenly stockpiled 100k dragonpowder in this short period, it’s probably not a coincidence and they didn’t just farm day and night the regular way during this exploit window :smiley:

In any case, didn’t mean to turn this into another server wipe discussion.

Haha the servers have technically had dupes now since the release of 3.0, not everyone has known but the few have, that is over a month and a half of being able to abuse the duping glitches!!! that is insane! No word from funcom about it too actually mind boggling how long its been now unfixed.

Threads get delisted all the time when they don’t show how its done at all, infact lookup any thread with mention of duping at all 95% of them get unlisted and deleted even when just asking trivial questions about the situation. In fact talk about any major issue in the game, body vaulting, land claim etc basically gets deleted and unlisted. I have played this game for years now, I know that if you stay silent and just put in bug reports the timeframe things are fixed is insanely slow, however every time I have seen a youtuber cover a topic and it becomes popular guess what? it get fixed! wow almost like throwing things in the open to shame the company into fixing it is what actually works… however I can list multiple exploits that aren’t well known and need fixing and guess what they have been submitted much time ago. (yes these exploits include breaking the game to receive things not meant to, almost same as duping, mesh spots etc…)


Oh they know. There was a forum post created by a person who said they submitted it, and showed how to do it. It was delisted very fast.

Funcom knows. Funcom wont acknowledge.

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