Thoughts for 3.0 (thrall changes / new armor / zombies / soc etc)

Hi all,

As we all know the thralles have beend nerfed overall for approx 50%, but now you can make 3! of those stupid zombies which have about 12k health! Very questionable decision - unfortunately as usual of funcom. Some of us - and i think i speak for the majority - don’t wanna play with those ugly OP zombies, but they give us no reason to play with the thralls anymore, therefore another quite stupid game design at all, apologize. Many of us like to equip our thralls and give them some personality and now because of the ugly OP zombies they are not really needed anymore except for their decoration and statis role. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not against the Thrall nerf at all - it was time and needed! But don’t make the zombies so strong, please!

Some few words to the new abyssal armor; it’s the biggest joke so far, cheap, ugly and sooo OP AF! All meta armor on live will not be longer relevant, although they are so much expensive to craft. With 3.0 you don’t really need an T4 armorer anymore except for your thrall decoration :wink: .As i said, very sad and bad game design at all and makes the game even easier and boring as all player now looks now as the same clowns with this stupid armor. And also the nerf of the sword of crom into oblivion makes the weapon - as all other legendaries - now quite useless and speaks for itself. I really don’t think that anyone at funcom really plays their own game:(

At least all other changes with 3.0 are great and will bring some new good stuff to the game - and the PVP (beside of the new armor and the stupid OP zombies) will probalby better than before.

Have a nice day and i really hope that funcom listen to their community and will change those things for the better!


i second this,.

those undead needs nerfing by a lot!

the abyssal armor needs nerfing too,

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