Thoughts, mutant thoughts

Hi there stalkers,

In my opinion the game is very good, congratiolations.

I saw stuff that could have some room for improvements, such as:

  • When its your turn, and you try to change position, there are lines that connect to enemies and give you information and hit-chance, crit. chance but it doesnt tell you if your not going to have a line of sight on that position that you are highligthing. So the only way to know if your going to have a line of sight, is actually to move there (and by moving wasting an AP) and then you know, you just wasted an Action Point for nothing. Conclusion: show on enemies if you have a line of sight or not when targating a new position. (happens alot of times)

  • If your position is clouded by smoke grenades on your next turn when you want to move the character ( the one hidden inside the smoke cloud) to a position behind the smoke you want details on enemies (hit-chance, crit. chance) but instead, it ONLY says “clouded by smoke”, okay keep that information but please add the other information, because you want to position your character in the right spot, but at that moment its going to be clouded by smoke, fine, but then when it disappears i’m going to have a clear area, so i can take the shot. But without that info i dont know my distance and chances of wich is the best position. Conclusion: Besides having the info “Clouded by smoke” add the rest of the information panel (hit. chances etc.).

  • Add loadouts pleaaaaase!
    This game actually needs 2 types of loudout features:
    Party loadout and Character loudout.
    -> Character loudouts, ables you to change every itens and ablilities from that character in a instance.
    -> Party loudouts, ables you to select/change your party members and their loudouts., its waaaay faster to change your loudouts this way.

  • Able to sell and dismantle your itens.

  • Able to zoom-in and out, in the game, i just wanna see the details!!! pleeeease :cry:

  • Add more items, weapons types and classes, and for that more maps :slight_smile:
    (this has so much potential !!!, dont let it die!)
    -Weapons types: (for example) more than 1 type of shotgun: 1 shotgun with high demage.
    1 shotgun with high ammo count
    1 shotgun with high range
    1 shotgun with high critical chance…
    etc…for each class of weapons (pistols, shotguns, Assault rifles, snipers etc…)

  • Characters are not that unique, for example: moth-wings, and “electro-shot” is shared with Farrow and Dux, they are not quit unique characteres, its a bit sad.

  • The game offers you 5 playable characters (for now), the maps are big, lots of detail and its beautiful, very nice. its would be 10 -star experience and (mostly) EPIC BATTLES! if you could play with them all at the same time ( + having each character as unique as possible, that would be more interesting and chellenging).
    I understand the need for limited characters in the party, but i think having 6 max on your team is quit enough and pretty chellanging, great battles stories you can create.

  • More enemies types: Humanoid (ghouls and bonus faction): enemies with shotguns please;
    Shield/defender - forces you to take action on him, throw explosive grenades;
    Boaster - buff enemies demage within his radius of his position, Resets AP on a friendly (enemy) , boast a friendly for 1 or 2 more movement square distance for traveling

    Wild anamals: more variaty (not just dogs), inlcuding ambush type of anamals, like mols, for example, flying types. ( it helps for a diverse aproach, each time, each approuch is different, because maps are different and enemies types and classes are different aswell.

    Robots: Ambush bots (serpent type)
    tank bots ( with tracks, tank tracks, shoots missles (ability), mid-short range) and it follows the players and its destroys cover.

And for the final faction this is going to be awesome!:
Stalkers (bonus faction): Rogue/evil/brain-washed stalkers, (not all stalkers are mutants)
Similar abilities as yours, learn about mutants and human war/combats, know your weakness and you know how to beat them.
Use of stealth, they can flank you, stealthy like the ability of farrow and Magnus, position your character looking 180º around you, so you can detect those evil stalkers flanking and pushing towards you.
Evil stalkers use teamplay to win against you, better than the ghouls and robots, they mix their abilities with each other to counter your attacks/movements/abilities and to beat you.

  • Respawn enemies, minibosses etc. not always the same, change enemies.

  • Co-op: you think its impossible, i think its possible. - problems you’d encounter to develp this:
    -> When is the party ready for an ambush?: when everybody is in position, hit the spacebar to set “ready for ambush”, when all the players are checked as “Ready for ambush”, time for action! (you can cancel the ambush like in single player, any player can)
    -> How to speed up the enemies turn? Same philosophy as ready for ambush, every body must hold a botton and then when every body is holding down that botton the game fastfoward, but it stops when any player release the botton.
    -> communication: voice, text and waypoints types (and to use waypoints, you need to be able to PAN the camara around the map)

  • Misc. missions: -Remember those notes from stalkers on the Zone, there are more stalkers out there, some could be dead, some could be alive, others are lost (dont know if they are dead or alive) find there teams or the lone stalker type, find their hidden stashes, rescue them or burry them with honor. worst case scenario, kill them if you have too.

Search for ancient tecnology, recources, itens and artifacts, uncover hidding places about the world, fight legendary monsters / enemies!

Thats all for now folks, happy stalking (okay that sound weird XD)

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Would love a coop. Four player couch coop to be exact. This is why we bought Divinity Original Sin II, a well made masterpiece. It’s similar to this game and has a working solution for coop, but like always, it all comes down to what’s reasonable. :yum: