Thoughts on Sorcery

If they decide to develop sorcery as an element of player gameplay, I really hope the devs keep.a mind toward how it is usually presented in the Conan stories.

Magic is usually extremely rare, risky and complicated. It usually involves heavy rituals and high costs. When magic is presented more"casually" it is limited to the realm of illusion, scrying, and lesser enchantments. Mesmerism, clairvoyance, the occasional invisibility or other trickery are usually about as far as it goes.

Magic is almost always potentially dangerous to the caster and failing to cast carries the risk of corruption, backlash or even reprisal from the extra-planar beings involved in such magic. Even when successful magic leaves its mark on the caster in terms of life, limb, or at least the ever-growing stain of corruption.

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Yes that was all planned, but then sorcery got scrapped*. Hence why we have a corruption system complete with cure (entertainer thralls), but little to no actual use for it - corruption was supposed to power your sorcery, because in Conan’s world it’s - as you say - not a pursuit for healthy or wholesome individuals!

*they tried to convince us orbs and the map room was kinda-sorta a magic system, but I don’t think anyone really bought it.

Perhaps it will returns.

Certainly orbs and the map room are a sort of magic or alchemy but I do hope they will return to sorcery someday. Perhaps they can reveal it in some future expansion of the map or dungeon or something.

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