Thrall and horse are supposed to be here, but they are not

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There are 3 people playing on co-op. Archer thrall staying at base is absent when we returned. Map tracker icon indicates he is here at base, we go to that position and he is not there. Thrall pot located at center of base does not show him listed.
Same thing happened with one of our horses. Even the event log says the horse returned, , and the feed box says he is feeding from it. Icon on map shows horse present at base, but that horse is nowhere to be found.
Event log does not how either of them killed, both are listed as ‘guarding’

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We would expect the thrall and the horse to be visible where the icon says they are. We would expect them to be present as the log and ‘follower management’ page indicate.

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  1. Go somewhere
  2. Return to base
  3. Look for horse that has returned separately, as indicated by log and follower management page. Horse isn’t there.
  4. Look for thrall archer who was guarding the base. He is not present, even though log and icon indicates that he is.
  5. (etc) decide you are tired of this…

Oh and…this happened once before with the same horse. We used the ‘rescue’ option which took away what was stored with the horse, and the saddle.
We do not want to use this option with the thrall, since he is outfitted with very good gear, and apparently he will be stripped of this gear if we use ‘rescue’.
Do you really think WE should be penalized because of YOUR bug???
We don’t.

You mention that you are playing in co-op. One thing that is worth a try is for whoever is hosting the game to enable admin mode temporarily and then set themself into ‘ghost’ mode. That person then needs to fly down beneath the surface at the locations where these missing followers are marked. As long as the followers are still showing as marked at those locations then it should just be a matter of flying around down there until you find them. This isn’t guaranteed, they can be hard to find, but it’s worked for me and several others.

From what I can tell so far on testlive, it seems this bug is fixed for the next update - it’s hard to tell; all I can say for definite is that it hasn’t happened, but behaviour does appear to be improved.


I am the host, and we play on Xbox. I have not seen a way to enable ‘ghost mode’ on Xbox.
I retrieved the Archer with ‘rescue’ from the followers page in-game, and indeed he lost all the armor and weapons we had given him, along with the good bow he came with. So that is no solution to the problem going forward. I’m sure it will happen again. We got the horse back once that way, and now he is gone again. Same horse.
I would like to try this ghost mode if you can please tell me how to enable it on Xbox. I can make myself admin, and have seen the admin panel, but all I have seen there are a lot of cheats I have no intention of doing. No option I can see to enable myself to go underground. I will definitely try it if it is possible on Xbox and you can tell me how.

I entirely agree that ‘rescue’ is not a suitable solution for this problem - the players should not be punished when the game gets something wrong. Hopefully the ghost mode option works for you (and hopefully the actual underlying problem of thralls falling through the mesh is resolved for the next patch).

I don’t know exactly how things appear on Xbox, but the following is how the admin panel appears on PC, with ghost mode circled - if it’s the same on Xbox, then you should just be able to check that box temporarily and fly down through the world to have a look around (crouch and jump for down and up).

Just in case this is not how it works on Xbox, let me also call @LordKAA to this conversation since I believe he knows Xbox far better than I do and may know how it should be accessed.



Yes ghost mode selection is located in the same position as displayed in the picture.

You will need to go to;

Game menu > Settings > Server Settings > General > Then select “Make me Admin” (once you press A it will be the first option highlighted)


Return to Game Menu> Admin Panel > Ghost

Hope that helps.

P.s. you can also use the admin panel to spawn the items lost on your archer.


Thanks, guys, that helped. I was able to find the horse. Not sure if I would’ve found the archer though, since he was not listed in range of the thrall pot. But I will for sure try this next time it happens.
Hope it gets fixed soon, but meanwhile, this helps a lot. My buddy very happy he got his horse and a bunch of black ice back from our hard-earned trek.
I didn’t want to even look at the admin panel because…not interested in gaining free resources without playing the game, don’t like cheats. But to find our followers, that ghost mode is great.
Thanks again!


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