Thrall and Pet Summoning Bell

“Summoning Bell” or Sbell.

Bell on a stand with a 4x4 foundation sized circle block platform. (Maybe enclosed to force thrall spawn inside?)

Recall Lost Thralls/Pets, Move Thralls/Pets to other bases, or Recall Thralls/Pets that somehow get stuck under the map.

How it works:

  1. Go into inventory of Sbell (looks like Feed Box) and the range covers the entire map or all Thralls / Pets registered to your person or Clan.
  2. Select the Lost Thrall/Pet and request recall.
  3. The Thrall/Pet gets put on a 1-hour timer & once the timer ends the Thrall/Pet gets ported unto the Sbell platform in “Following” mode. The thrall/pet is essentially forced into following the Sbell object.
  4. Thrall / Pet is summoned as an already placed object. Does not get converted back to a storable item.

Only 1 Thrall/Pet can be summoned per hour.

Possible bugs would be the thrall not porting unto the platform but maybe somewhere slightly off the platform, but it solves Thralls getting stuck in the map.

I’ve gotten Guarding thralls forced under the map when doing jungle bases and somehow those Rhinos knocked um into the map. And since they are guarding… I cant put them on follow to teleport them lol.

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