Thrall annoying bug

Sometimes, often after a while on a trip, thrall is not responding. He goes on following, but does not attack if ordered and not even fights if mobs attack him.
Any solution?

You can set a thrall to be absolutely passive and ignore mobs when attacked. This is generally good for when you are traveling long distance.

Did you modify the thrall’s behavior settings by accident? What platform are you playing on? You want to look in your controls to find out how you can modify your thrall to a more aggressive stance to suit your tastes.

Make sure that he has a weapon as well. And… I think Bearer Thralls recently were changed to be completely different in combat- I.E. they don’t work in combat now. They are pure Sherpa.

Also… why did you label this post “Creative Corner”? This is more of a Bug Report. It could be considered Feedback, if you stretch it. It would definitely fit in “Players helping Players” as well.