Thrall attacking facing the opposite direction

Since the update a few days back, my thrall attacks enemies away from the enemy – if that makes sense. He is getting hit by the enemy, but turns to attack a rock or tree. I have to go in and save him from dying most of the time.
Lost a good thrall like this, when he was attacking everything except the enemy – the enemy was hitting him tho.

They really gotta reverse these recent changes. The game is unplayable.

Same issue: (so you’re not alone). I play single player PVE and my companion thrall will turn and swing at air, while taking hits to the back. Maybe it’s an impact of the new combat rotation abilities of the NPC impacting thrall combat engagement . I see now more postings about this. Haven’t tried this yet but in another post it mentions that this might maybe occur if both a bow and melee weapon is equipped on the companion/thrall? So using one or the other might help?

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