Thrall bug isn't a bug?


So I had three nice dalensia snowhunters guarding inside a smaller T3 building that were killed without any damage to the structure. (fully geared with masks ect)

I had not made any changes to these three thralls since the patch and I have no clue what the ‘default’ setting is.

The clan that killed the thralls stated that the dalensia simply walked right through the doors (yes multiple doors) when they were near the building.

Thinking this surely had to be a bug where our thralls on guard inside our buildings would now default to walking through walls and doors when not on follow, I submitted this as a bug.

To my surprise, I get a response from a ‘chosen one’ implying that this is intended???

Wow, I guess I know what I will be doing come raid time tomorrow, taking my thrall and just running up to all the buildings I can find with thralls to get some easy gear sets and weapons. Even if someone has their thralls set to guard area and 5 yards, I am guessing I can coax quite a few through walls and doors by just walking up and poking a spear into the wall. Not an exploit if this is intended right?

Still trying to get clarification on what setting (other than ‘attack nothing’ rendering our thrall base defenses useless) we have to change our ‘guarding’ thralls to where they will not readily walk through walls and doors.

This change sounds so asinine, it is difficult for me to believe that it is actually intended.


I’ll get right on looking into this on a PvP server.

As a side note, I think you’ll lol at the metaphor when I tell you that players on my private server are staying away until the default state is cleared up. Ultimately, what will be useful is when the Followers’ UI shows their current stance.

Set attack radius includes inside AND outside. If yo don’t want thralls to walk out of the base, don’t set Attack all option. Or simply narrow the attack radius.

Again, I never set any option on these, this occurred with whatever the ‘default’ setting is and you failed to even address the fact that thralls never walked through buildings to attack targets even on the ‘old school’ ATTACK ALL while on guard stance and now we don’t blink an eye when they suddenly start walking through building walls and doors?

Thanks Barnes! Funcom should hire you. :wink:

While you are checking this out, could you also please check if thralls will walk through structures if set on guard this area and a lower setting? I am fairly sure that the thralls that decided to jump the snake were set on ‘guard area’ and a 5 meter (lowest) setting. The way it appears, it almost seems like thralls will walk freely through any structure if anything comes close enough unless the thrall is set on ‘attack none’ which basically renders thralls useless as base defense unless you are sitting in base ready to change all their settings prior to the raid occurring.


This is a very serious issue. I hope this will be adressed soon.

lol you know Funcom does not work on the weekends, be nothing till Monday at least.

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Yes, I am well aware of this but I would assume that this title would be awarded to those that demonstrate a history of accurate answers. I posted in the bug forum and the response was that the thralls were doing what they were told to do. Perhaps I should have given less weight to this response since I clearly previously stated that I had not changed any commands. :wink:

I submitted this last night after this occurred and they have not yet responded.

We had quite a few issues with thralls last night such as thralls on ‘guard me’ not attacking those that were attacking their handler, thralls that were on guard me that would stop fighting and stand there doing nothing while someone beat on them even through their handler was engaging the attacker. The thralls standing there would not even respond to move commands or the handler running out of render distance. While these things could be due to server lag, the server ping and fps were stable at the time and this went on for 5+minutes with some of the thralls.

While we can expect some bugs with anything new, we need an answer on guarding thralls and whether Funcom intended them to walk through walls and doors.

I just reported it last night after the issue came up. Our clan was perplexed on how we were losing thralls as we had none outside and no structures were damaged. Because there was no structure damage, we could not even figure out where the issue was occurring.

So there is a limited solution for the problem:
You have to set the thrall on “guard and defend”- stance (not prioritize archery or melee)
then it will NOT leave the position!

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With the “guard and defend”- stance you can also max out the attack distance and chose “attack all”. This will work well for archers who are supposed to defend your base. We have tested this. For melee-fighters, another tactic might be needed.

This does little more than ‘attack nothing’ on fighter thralls as the thrall sits in one spot
regardless of how far you make the distance for attack and chase on attack all. The thrall sits in that exact spot while an enemy player can kill it with a bow standing 5 meters from it. Now, if an enemy player decided to stand on top of the thrall rather than hit it with arrows or hit it with melee and take two steps back with a rinse and repeat until the thrall is dead, I guess you might think of it as a solution? Not much better than ‘attack nothing’ from what I have tested in single player.

As you know, I recommended using Guard and Defend for your inner workings, as your setup should be more close-quarters. My prediction was you’d have a meat curtain that an enemy would need to work through as a static defense.

On the peripheral walls and at your archer level, I have had some success with what I will consider at least for now the thrall’s default setting. The thought process went like this: you place the thrall, you level the thrall, then you park the thrall in place. This action alone does not seem to reset the stances you have placed on the follower during leveling or while you were “out and about.”

What does seem to reset them is to park them where intended. Command them to follow. Don’t move, then command them to stop following. The reason I say this seems to reset them is because followers who had originally been commanded to prioritize will no longer do so. They will require an offensive action (a strike/attack vs a building or asset) prior to becoming activated.

Sorry, but I don´t get the point of your post here since I already wrote the following:

I am not quite following the strategy for melee/inside only thralls.

Are you suggesting I place each thrall on follow (even the leveled thralls) and use a setting such as attack all (guard me wouldn’t make sense once guarding as I may not be around) with a short radius and then simply hit the ‘stop following’ tab without changing anything else and the thrall will default to staying in buildings even if an enemy is within radius outside the building?

I was not able to get my thralls to pop out of buildings today so I am wondering if Funcom snuck a quick fix in without mentioning it? While a fix would be great, it would be good to know if they fixed thralls from walking through doors and walls so we do not have to continually mess around and ‘guess’ how to prevent it if they actually made a fix since this issue was brought up.

I started this reply yesterday before you edited your comments suggesting this for melee as well. Also, this thread you are replying is was created by me on melee thralls, not archers. lol

The relevant post was never edited. But well … why for heaven´s sake would someone post a workaround for archers in a thread about fighters? Crazy people :wink: But never mind…
Hopefully we will have some clarity about this problem in the following days when funcom is back in office.

I say again, it SUCK + the behavior of npc’s when it is a purge is so wierd. You are fighting them and suddenly they starts to run just for no reason. i had 4 named die like this, running in to my guarding pets closer to the fort.

I beg to differ, your original post indicated melee and was edited, your followup post indicated archer.

Yes, especially throwing in a ‘limited solution for the problem’, when archers/ranged were not mentioned once in the thread. :wink:

Firstly, unless you have a meatcurtain setup, simply disregard the “Stand & Guard” stance that I’d recommended. A lot of bases have tunnels and walls of thralls in your way prior to getting to anything valuable. The Stand & Guard option is valid in those circumstances only, as it prohibits any straying of your valuable meatwall.

While testing with the use of two toons I control, I could get humanoids to pop out under certain circumstances. These were almost always archers, but then I discovered that any thrall that was set to prioritize archery was particularly prone. Therefore I set about looking for what would set a thrall back to its default settings, which are basically “attack and pursue when attacked.”

What I discovered was that if I move a leveled thrall to his destination, that’s not enough to reset their stance, whether it be follow distance, chase distance, aggro, prioritization, what have you. You need to set them briefly to “Follow” then “Stop Following,” in order to unmap these stances.

“Unmapped” is basically how they used to behave prior to the anniversary patch. Based on my testing (and it’s early yet), in this configuration, archers will stay on their parapets, melee will pursue, but no one will phase outside of walls.

Ok, I think I might be on the same page now. I need to simply hit follow on each thrall, not move, hit unfollow and they will all reset to normal where they will not exit the building? I do not have to change to attack all or add distances? Is this correct?

I do not use archers but my bases are filled with melee and yes, some are near walls and in bases where they can actually pop on top of an in-game structure (like a shrine or cave top) to fight enemies.

Perhaps I cannot get the thralls in single player to pop out of buildings this morning as I am ‘placing’ them fresh but every single thrall I have in game that has not been touched since patch is vulnerable?

Based on what I have seen in single player, these guys are just fodder used to slightly delay someone raiding? Gas orbs, arrows, even an enemy player that simply runs up and hits them and moves back to block their swing would quickly kill thralls on this setting as they literally do not move, not even if someone is 5 yards away killing them with arrows.