Thrall bugs, anyone surprised?

Thralls cannot be moved after placing them to guard a door. As no land is considered walkable. The floor is lava. Game is completely unplayable in this state.
None of my thralls can be moved from their current location. Not a single one. If you place even one thrall to guard a door, they are ALL completely unusable forevermore.
I definitely commend the thought process of changing purges. But the game is currently unplayable. With ARK killing it’s servers, there is really no other game to play worth a damn. Please fix your current problems. Revert the damn game back and take season two back to inhouse testing before you release a bunch of broken rubbish.
Edit: After a relog. Things are worse. Thralls won’t move at all, purges cannot find a place to spawn camp. Cannot force move thralls. Game unplayable.

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