Thrall commander,thrall lab,thrall labors and thrall upgrades

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I want to have a thrall army attack my enemies this 1 thrall per person is under powering. I would like a squad of thralls following me. No less than 5-15 thralls on offline single player mode. 2 max per player online. The clan leader only can sent thralls to attack players bases for online PVP mode. You have to build and place attack marks. You also have to build a Command becon which shows up on the map.

The thrall lab is a shrine/lab. Mostly alchemy base. A player online tributes a thrall fighter or archer of tier 4 with a stack of demon blood and a stack of crystals. A thrall you fully create is born. You create how this thrall looks. This thrall is permanent bound to the player whom create it. To revive this thrall tribute thralls to fill the labs energy meter. Once full the thrall can be revive. Online it 1 of these thralls per person. Offline single player it is 5 max. This thrall body turns into a gaint immortal crystal upon death until revive. This thrall is call the Player’s Personal thrall.

Full Power: thralls needed

T4= 1

The second use for the thrall lab is crystal thralls. Crystal thralls can’t be revive. They are thralls whom been fuse with crystals. Upon death crystal thralls explode. Crystal thralls are useful as mini explosions.To help raid bases or defend against raiders.

The last use for the thrall lab is to make gaurds,workers,or merchant thralls. Gaurd thralls gain 200 base armor. Gaurd thralls are none hostile to passive players. Merchant thralls are thralls that have their own stands you build and place. You put Merchants in the stand. Merchant thralls are none hostile to passive players. Gaurds are basically for your merchants. Merchants sells stuff you place in the stand. Beware raiders merchants and gaurds will stop your entire trade options with a clan that you have attack. If you attack a clan or its members the merchant and gaurds will be hostile of that same clan. Workers are thralls that can only harvest wood,stone and dead creatures near your base. Build a worker chest for them to drop items off. Workers run away from combat.

Thrall recalled pit. You build a pit where you recall all your thralls. This way lost thralls are return. By using the pit. The play whom uses it gains corruption with each use. This pit also shows where each thrall is. Each thrall can recalled to the pit 1 at a time or summon all.

Thralls being able to use emotes and posing. Thrall clothing for each thrall job. The ability to dress all thralls.

All thralls must be killed. No longer should easy free thralls by raiding be a thing. All thralls fight. This way players are force to knock out a thrall and rewheel them. Taskmasters are violent and whip players to debuff enemy players/thralls while buffing ally players/thralls. Taskmasters whips de very little damage to the enemy. Taskmasters aren’t a solo fighter they are support buffers and debuffer

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I spent days on this topic. Not one response to it.

I think it is too much for people to read… I like some of the ideas… I’m not sure how the crystal explosion stuff will work though… think they’d have to rework the whole thing for that…

2 for online max. 15 for Offline Single player mode. Since we lack players for offline mode.

Merchants also allows tatics to Conan Exiles. Players may want to sell info on thier enemies. Intel is a powerful weapon in the right hands.

The crystals offers a final boom to your army.

That is not the point. You are to look like a thrall commander.

I think an issue arises when you consider only 5 enemy A.I will attack you at the same time at any given time.

Having 15 thralls would create A.I problems that would visibly affect performance in most areas with a player .

I give you credit for interesting ideas but server/a.i performance would most likely not be able to handle it.

I’m upset that most people focus is on 15 thralls following offline single player. I post many ideas on thralls. I’m also upset that very few people response to this topic.

I am not sure if you wrote this before or after they announced the new follower (i.e. thrall / pet ) system. Having a more robust customization system has been hotly requested since the beginning.

For any of this to work as intended, they would have to implement a party and class system in the more tradition sense.

Conan runs on a player driven barter system. The game doesn’t use a standardized currency system.

Your suggestions show merit, but most of them are outside the state of the current game.

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